First State Flippers Presents - The 2022 Women's Mid-Atlantic Melee

Everyone has been asking for it, so here it is!!! The 2022 First State Flippers Tournament Schedule! Please note that these are events being run by First State Flippers with all of the events being held at the Delaware Pinball Collective. In addition to these events, the Delaware Pinball Collective will continue to host Stern Army events, Flip Frenzies, PinGolf, and Critical Hit tournaments. Follow Delaware Pinball Collective for all of their event announcements.

***All First State Flipper events REQUIRE preregistration
***All First State Flipper events will have a player cap
***All Tour Events will start preregistration 30 days in advance
***All Major Events will start preregistration 90 days in advance
***All First State Flippers events are open to anyone
***The Delaware Pinball Open and the Mid-Atlantic Pinball Open will be IFPA CERTIFIED

Lastly, all dates are subject to change and full details for each event will be posted soon to Eventbrite.


5 events over 3 days? I might plan a trip. Do you expect full registration?

I definitely expect the event to sell out. Still trying to determine what the capped number of players will be set too. I don’t want to set it too high where it ends up being too crowded. Should know more in a week.

FYI - we are going to follow a very similar format to District 82’s Great Lakes Open event.

From the interactions I’ve had with Chad I look forward to this and he has put a lot of love and work into this. I stand by my word of saying I’d make it. Sign me up for that 3 day event. Ill be waiting for registration!

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Thanks Zak! Also, to be clear, I have two 3-day events planned, so are you signing up for one or both? :grinning:

May 13-15th I’ll be there for sure. I’ll get the confirm on the August one! Assuming so if there’s no other schedule conflictions!

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Here we go!!! The first big event of 2022 for First State Flippers and the Delaware Pinball Collective!!! Like previous years, we are using Eventbrite for all events. Click the link below for the FULL DETAILS.

Registration goes live THIS SUNDAY (2/20) at 9pm est.

BIG MONEY!!! ($500 for 1st place)
BIG PRIZES!!! (Giant trophy for 1st place)
BIG WPPRS!!! (Close to 50 WPPRS estimated for 1st place)

NOTE - This event requires pre-registration. NO WALK INS ALLOWED

When: 3/19/22

Where: 1100 First State Blvd, Second Floor, Wilmington DE 19804 (The Delaware Pinball Collective)

Time: 10AM SHARP START TIME (practice from 9:00am to 9:45am)

Cost: $40 ($14 will go to expenses, $1 to the IFPA, $5 to the year end Delaware Tour Championship Prize Fund). Pizza and snacks will be provided to all players. Must be paid in full using Paypal’s Friends & Family. Send all payments to

Players: Capped at 80 players (open to anyone)

Registration: All registration is handled through Eventbrite. Tickets go on sale 2/20 at 9:00pm est. When registering on Eventbrite you are allowed to buy up to 3 tickets at once. Registration closes on 3/18 at 5pm est. NOTE - When signing up for the waitlist, you can only sign up one person at a time. Registration URL listed below.

PRIZES for tour event #1 (based on 80 entries):

1st Place “A” - $500 plus trophy
2nd Place “A” - $250 plus medal
3rd Place “A” - $150 plus medal
4th Place “A” - $125 plus medal
5th Place “A” - $75
6th Place “A” - $65
7th Place “A” - $55
8th Place “A” - $45

1st Place “B” - $100

1st Place “C” - $75

  • Tour Championship points that will be awarded at each event.
    1st = 100 points
    2nd = 80 points
    3rd = 75 points
    4th = 70 points
    5th = 65 points
    6th = 60 points
    7th = 55 points
    8th = 50 points
    9th = 20 points
    10th = 20 points
    11th = 20 points
    12th = 20 points
    13th = 15 points
    14th = 14 points
    15th = 13 points
    16th = 12 points
    17th = 11 points
    18th = 10 points
    19th = 9 points
    20th = 8 points
    21st through 80th = 5 points for each place

NOTE - Standings for 13th through 80th place are LOCKED IN when qualifying ends. The consolation “B” finals and consolation “C” finals will have no effect on overall standings for Tour Championship points or IFPA results. Additionally, anyone ranked between #1 and #1000 will NOT be eligible for the “C” consolation finals.

TENTATIVE GAME LIST (always subject to change):
Aerosmith Premium
Attack From Mars Remake LE
Bank Shot (EM with powerball)
Black Jack
Conquest 200 (EM with powerball)
Dialed In LE
Eight Ball (with powerball)
Flight 2000
Future Spa
Godzilla PREMIUM
Grand Prix (EM)
Guardians of the Galaxy PRO
Iron Maiden PRO
Iron Man
Joker Poker (SS)
Jurassic Park PRO
Monster Bash Remake SE
Night Moves
Nitro Ground Shaker
Rush PRO
Space Shuttle
Star Trek PRO
Star Wars Comic PRO
The Flintstones
Twilight Zone
White Water
Wild Fyre
World Cup Soccer 94


The Delaware Pinball Collective will be hosting a CLASSICS only match play event the night before Tour Event #1 on 3/18!!! Registration is NOW LIVE!!!

This tournament is open to anyone (see below for details). Also, no walk-ins for this event please. Everyone must pre-register.

Location: Delaware Pinball Collective - 1100 First State Blvd, SECOND FLOOR, Wilmington DE 19804

Date:3/18/2022 - Doors open at 5:45pm, tournament starts at 7:00pm SHARP

Registration: Eventbrite and Paypal will handle all ticket sales and entry fees. Please send entry fees to using Paypal’s Friends & Family method

This event will be capped at 80 players.

Cost: $10 per MEMBER ($1 for IFPA. $9 to prize fund. We also remove a total of $35 for the bounties we hand out each round. Remaining prize pool will be returned 100%)
$25 per NON-MEMBER ($15 to the Collective for expenses, $1 for IFPA. $9 to prize fund. We also remove a total of $35 for the bounties we hand out each round. Remaining prize pool will be returned 100%)

NOTE - No food or beverage provided for this event. You are allowed to bring your own food. We will have snacks available for purchase. All beverages must be purchased from the Collective. We carry non-alcoholic, coffee and water.

Note - We still don’t have our liquor license yet, so feel free to bring your own adult beverages.

Prizes: Top 4 win cash. Percentage breakdown after all expenses will be 40% for 1st, 25% for 2nd, 15% for 3rd, and 10% for 4th. We will have a “B” consolation finals with a small payout.

Format and Rules:

FORMAT: 7 rounds of match play qualifying rounds played in groups of 4 players . All games will be played on older CLASSIC games. Top 8 make “A” finals. This tournament WILL have a consolation “B” finals.

FINALS FORMAT: “A” division will play a modified PAPA format on classic games only with top 2 from each group advancing.

GAME LIST(subject to change):
Bank Shot (EM)
Black Jack
Conquest 200 (EM)
Eight Ball (with powerball)
Flight 2000
Future Spa
Grand Prix (EM)
Hot Tip
Jet Spin (EM)
Joker Poker (SS)
Night Moves
Nitro Ground Shaker
Space Shuttle
Spirit of 76 (EM)
Wild Fyre
Bobby Orr Power Play
Banzai Run

Here is a friendly reminder that the Delaware Pinball Collective has 3 tournaments coming up that still have open slots available.

  1. 3/5 (tomorrow) - Stern Army Rush Launch Party Group Knockout Tournament - Doors open at 12pm, tournament starts at 1pm, should be done around 6pm. $10 for members, $25 for non-members. 30 players signed up currently. Full details on Eventbrite using this link:

  2. 3/18 - All Classics Match Play Tournament - Doors open at 5:30pm, tournament starts at 7pm. Currently 22 classic games. $10 for members. $25 for non-members. 48 players signed up currently. CAPPED at 80 players. Full details on Eventbrite using this link:

  3. 3/19 - Delaware Tour Championship Event #1 Matchplay Tournament - Doors open at 9am, tournament starts at 10am. $40 per player. 60 players signed up currently. Full details on Eventbrite using this link:

Newly Announced Upcoming Tournaments. Full details for these events will be released this weekend.

  1. 4/1 - Friday Night Flip Frenzy Tournament - Members Only. $5 per member. Tickets will go on sale this Sunday on Eventbrite. IFPA submission link here: International Flipper Pinball Association

  2. 4/2 - Critical Hit Matchplay Tournament - Open to ANYONE, however this event will be capped at 32 players due to the number of spell cards. $10 per member. $25 for non-members. Tickets will go on sale this Sunday on Eventbrite. IFPA submission link here: International Flipper Pinball Association

  3. 4/30 - Delaware Tour Championship Event #2 Matchplay Tournament. Tickets will go on sale 3/27 at 9pm eastern. Capped at 80 players. $40 per player

  4. 5/13 to 5/15 - The Delaware Pinball Open - 5 events in 3 days. First event will start at 9am on 5/13. Saturday’s main event will be IFPA Certified with 64 rated players (20% WPPR BOOST). Each event could potentially bring in 65-85 WPPRS. Capped at 80 players. Tickets will go on sale March 13th at 9pm eastern on Eventbrite. There will be ONE ticket price that gets you entered in all 5 events. This event will be almost identical to the District 82, 5 event series.

Plus, we will have a couple of Stern Army events in April & May as well!

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Here it is folks! The big one is finally here!

First State Flippers is proud to announce the 2022 Delaware Pinball Open being held at the Delaware Pinball Collective from May 13th through May 15th!!!

5 events across 3 days (thanks to the crew at District 82). The Main event on Saturday will be IFPA certified with a 20% WPPR boost!

Big WPPRS. Big cash prizes. If the event sells out we will have over $10,000 to hand out!!!

Registration goes live March 13th at 9pm eastern. Capped at 80 players. Click the Eventbrite URL below for ALL of the details and to register. If you have any questions please let me know.


This Sunday night at 9pm eastern, tickets will go on sale for the first ever Delaware Pinball Open on Eventbrite!! 5 massive tournaments in 3 days. Tons of WPPRS. Tons of money (over $10,000 to give out*). To register for the event and to read all of the details, please click the Eventbrite link below!

NOTE - this event will be capped at 80 players

My F5 key is dusted out and ready to go!

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Great response so far for the 2022 Delaware Pinball Open! We didn’t sell out yet, but we only have 6 spots left! Thanks for everyone’s support and looking forward to an awesome weekend of pinball in Delaware with a deep and talented field of players!! Currently, our WPPR estimates are hovering around 60 points PER EVENT. If we get to 80 players, we should easily top 65 points for each event and Saturday’s Main event will be around 80 points!!!

Don’t forget to send in your entry fee if you haven’t done so yet.

Here is the updated list of the 74 players signed up so far:
Chad Hastings

Marianne Pangia

Joe Fox Sr

Joe Fox Jr

Paul Pratzner

Mike Veith

Rodney Comegys

Steve Zahler

Jason Zahler

Erik Ryan

CJ Smith

John Hurd

Lindsey Rhoades

Anthony Wojtkowiak

Francis Parks

Andrew Pancoast

Gary Hartz

Howard Dobson

Jared Lemankiewicz

Michael Tyler

Aleksander Kaczmarczyk

Rob DeStasio

Jared August

Levi Nayman

David Riel

Rick Prince

Kristen Gregory

Jerry Musser

Bill Richardson

Matthew Richardson

Vic Scelba

Steve Bowden

Adam Lemankiewicz

Elliott Keith

Stephanie Traub

Jose Chong

Bowen Kerins

Nathaniel Gibson

Anne Gibson

Sanjay Shah

Justin Bath

Bill Mason

Bill Mason #2

Bill Mason #3

Joel Zingone

Douglas Malcolm

Jerry Bernard

Frank Romero

Koi Morris

Joshua Senzer

Nick Zendejas

Tom DeStasio

Eric DeStasio

Greg Poverelli

Ed Giardina

Anna Wolk

Bob Choate

Pete Tsipouras

Paul Frie

Tom Langley

Greg Postle

Brian LeBlanc

Stefano Pinti

Chris Chow

Zak Bowers

Lindsey Most

Ed Most

Carlos Delaserda

Ed Zeltmann

Woody Richman

Travis Murie

Andy Rosa

Nitzan Gabai

Cliff Albert

The 2022 Delaware Pinball Open is now sold out!!! Thanks to everyone who registered for this epic event!

If you want to get on the waitlist, please do so using the Eventbrite link below. Note- when signing up on the waitlist you can only sign up one player at a time.

The 2022 Delaware Pinball Open, sponsored by Flip N Out Pinball LLC, and hosted at the lavish Delaware Pinball Collective, has finally come to an end! We had an amazing weekend of pinball with an amazing group of players! The pinball community is absolutely one of the best communities out there and I’m glad we are a part of it! 77 players from all across the country made the trip to Delaware to play in 5 events across 3 days all fighting for a huge amount of WPPRS and a huge amount of money (Over $10,000 in prize money awarded)!

After all 5 events, our big winner of WPPRS and Dollar$ this weekend was local legend Jason Zahler! Not only did he win the Main Event, he won 2 of the 4 events he played in (he didn’t play in event 5) and he should end up collecting an estimated 215 WPPRS and way too many Dollar$!!!

Congratulations to Cliff Albert, he took home the plaque and cash for Event #5!

Again, thanks to everyone who attended this event, we truly hope everyone walked away with a great experience regardless of how well you played this weekend.

Congratulations to all of the winners as well!!!

Below is the final 4 standings from today’s Main Event #3 finals:

  1. Jason Zahler

  2. Jared August

  3. Bowen Kerins

  4. Steve Bowden

Event #1 Winner = Jared August

Event #2 Winner = Jason Zahler

Event #3 Winner = Jason Zahler (not a typo)

Event #4 Winner = Elliott Keith

Event #5 Winner = Cliff Albert


Calling all women pinball players! First State Flippers in conjunction with the Delaware Pinball Collective will be hosting our first ever women’s pinball tournament. Full details are still being ironed out but I wanted to start getting the message out now because I would like to see 40+ women attend this event!!

Here are the little details I have at this time, all subject to change:

  • Planning on having the event some time in September
  • 2 events on a single day. Start out with a 3 or 4 strike group knockout, then go into an 8 round group match play event with top 8 making it to a PAPA finals
  • Live stream of the entire event courtesy of the Delaware Pinball Collective
  • Already looking for sponsors to make this event even better

Hoping to have everything finalized in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime please drop me any feedback and help spread the word as much as possible!