First State April Affray


Thanks Joe! I believe we are making strides over here in Delaware. This was only the 4th ever event in Delaware and we managed to draw 46 people while competing against Pintervention. Event 1 was 39 people, event 2 was 38 people (lost 9 due to a winter storm in Dec), and event 3 was 44, but entries were capped because we simply didn’t have space for more people. And we are going from 2 events last year(didn’t get started until September) to 6 events on a circuit with a Tour Championship at the end of the year!


Please do more events or buy bigger houses, I want to start hitting some of these up. Such nice collections.


We have to walk before we can run! With me being a rookie TD I want to focus on quality versus quantity. Our first ever event was just 7 months ago. I think going from two events in 2017 to seven events on a circuit in 2018 is the right path. I also don’t want to saturate the tournaments. It takes a lot of time and planning to host these events and if I’m going to be hosting them I would rather do less events with more people at each event versus a bunch of events with only 20 people showing up. We are currently averaging 42 participant at each event. I’m not sure what other surrounding areas are averaging but I’m quite pleased with that number and it would in fact be larger if we had more room. Almost all of the events are capped due to space.

With that said, I just had talks with the owner of the Starboard Restaurant & Bar in Dewey Beach DE this past weekend. He is 100% behind me and allowing the First State Flippers to setup in his establishment. As it stands it looks like I will be hosting the Delaware Tour Championships at his establishment in December and then event #1 in March of 2019 will also be at his establishment. Delaware is becoming the hot bed for tournament pinball, especially since all of my events are group match play, end before 8pm, and also break out into 3 divisions with very nice payouts for each division. If I’m going to do something, I pour all of my passion into and make sure its done right.