First Ever Youth/Kids Tournament on 10/14 @ the lavish Delaware Pinball Collective

It’s official! The Delaware Pinball Collective will be hosting our first ever Youth/Kids pinball tournament on 10/14!!!

Help spread the word so we can make this event a huge success and hopefully get more kids hooked on pinball!

IFPA Link - International Flipper Pinball Association

This is going to be great! Is there going to be a special playlist for the house music? If so, can I recommend the new Go Go Godzilla cover, my kids are currently obsessed with it.

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Definitely gonna be a great time! Never thought about the music or the playlist but maybe we can squeeze this one in!

Todays the day!! The lavish Delaware Pinball Collective will be hosting its first ever Youth/Kids pinball tournament starting at 1pm!!!

We currently have 31 players pre-registered, so this is shaping up to be a fantastic event!!

Here’s the recap from our first ever Youth/Kids tournament. First of all, a big thanks to all the kids and parents/guardians who came out today. 41 players showed up, all yearning to be the next pinball wizard!

Next up I need to thank all the volunteers who helped all the kids navigate through a group Matchplay pinball tournament throughout the day, you all were a tremendous help in making this event successful!

We live streamed the entire event on Twitch, and we also uploaded the footage to our YouTube channel for everyone to watch!

Also a shout out to Marco Specialties for donating a bunch of swag we used for four prizes, the kids loved the giveaways!

For qualifying, we played 8 rounds of pinball, alternating between modern games and classics to give the kids a nice variety!

For the finals,we took the top 8 kids aged 10-16 to one division, and then the top 8 kids aged 9 and under to another division. In the finals each group played 2 games, one modern and one classic, with the top 2 from each group advancing to the final four.


10-16 Division:

  1. Matthew Burgess
  2. Ethan Andrews
  3. Luke Miclitis
  4. Edge Hogan

9 and under division:

  1. Lily Sawyers
  2. Grace Haberman
  3. Ivy Radziewicz
  4. Henry Steinberg


Watched on stream. This was incredible! Well done, DPC! The kids looked like they had a blast.

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In case you missed it, The Delaware Pinball Collective streamed the Youth/Kids pinball tournament that was held on 10/14 and uploaded it to YouTube! 8 rounds of group Matchplay with 2 different divisions advancing to the finals.

The finals were PAPA style playing one modern and one classic. The top 8 in the 10-16 age group and the top 8 in the 9 and under age group made it to the finals.

Commentary starts around the 1 hour and 7 minute!

Check out these future pinball wizards!