First Annual Hot Rod Pinball Nationals (Toronto, ON)

“Gottlieb’s Hot Rod” is a tribute to the golden era of Gottlieb games - a classic 70’s EM reimagined with new art and new rules and features from contemporary machines like skill shots, ball save, lane change and two multiball options.

Tournament format will be “Queue Ball” - a head to head match play. At the end of each game, the winner gets one point. The loser stays at the game unless they’ve lost twice in a row, in which case the winner stays. The person staying on the game plays in the same position (Player 1 or Player 2) as they were for the previous game. First person from the queue comes and plays that player, the person that leaves goes to the back of the line. The person with the most points at the end of the night will play a final head to head game with the next highest points earner to claim first and second place cash prizes.

This format and the quick nature of EM-style games makes for a fast and fun time! Tournament will be divided into two 90-minute sessions with a break in between.

Fee will be $20, which includes food and snacks and goes towards the final prize pool to be divided 70/30 between first and second place winners.

For those waiting, there’s the rest of the amazing lineup of games at Cabin Fever, as well as plenty of craft beers.

Come drink beer, eat food and enjoy the best of 70’s pinball updated for the 90’s!

Website for the location:

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