Fireball Multiball Rules

Questions about the behavior and player advance on Fireball seem to come up every time this game is used. Here are the rules from the manual. Explains a lot. Hopefully this helps in the future.

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BTW this is the same tech who helped us figure out the Target Alpha oddity in another thread. This guy is a wealth of EM knowledge.

Is it fair to describe this long technical explanation this way?

On every turn, no matter how many balls you put into play you must avoid draining a ball. If you drain a ball, your turn technically ends as soon as any remaining balls are stalled either in a capture saucer or in the outhole.

I’d say no, because that’s not how the game works. Your turn does not end if you re-lock after a drain. It will end drain if you drain all ball(s) in play after re-locking. And by drain I mean, game has recognized and counted the drain.