Fireball Classic software bug?

So we have a Fireball classic setup here at The Sanctum. Now I’d rather a fireball EM but beggars can’t be choosers and this was available as a free loaner until a reasonable priced EM comes around.

Game has an issue with ending players balls when a ball is locked in the left lock saucer(Wotan?). You lock the ball. Your bonus counts down and it moves onto the next player and shoots out a new ball to the shooter lane. Never happens single player which leads me away from a bad switch diode or anything like that. Talking with a couple other people good with coding and such think it might be a logic issue in the software after playing it themselves. They were going to play around with some test Roms and their board test setups and report back.

Has anyone else ever heard of any bugs/issues with fireball classic?

Is the ball lock happening in multiball just as the other ball is draining?

If so, that’d be a stylish copy of the original FB behavor (EM–>SS).

No. Single ball play. Shoot the ball into the left lock. Bonus counts down. Game goes to player 2 and serves a new ball into the shooterlane.

That’s not normal. What Steve mentioned (during MB) is normal: If you’ve got a MB going, and lock a ball simultaneous (or just prior) to draining the other ball(s), then your ball is over.

Fireball and Fireball Classic are definitely a “Player DQ beware!” (for playing out of turn)

Cant remember what the electronics of this game are like, but it sounds very much like a trough/diode/switch/switch cap issue.

I’d also check and see if the switches are in the same row/column as that could also be the issue.

Typica Bally -35 mpu boarset

If it was a switch issue like diodes on this era I would assume it would happen in single player games as well but doesn’t.

I’ll have to dig deeper I suppose.