finals for selfie leagues

What are people using as a finals format for selfie leagues these days? How many people do you invite? What do you use qualifying results for?

If it’s an IFPA endorsed event use qualifying results only for seeding and finals should be at least the top 10% of qualifiers and no more than the top 50%.

Format must be direct play but you can pick what works best for you within that restriction.

Up until now, we have been running a 40-person PAPA-style group matchplay with byes and double-byes granted based on selfie standings at various locations. Anyone could attend, regardless of whether they had played in the selfie portion–they would just be seeded lower. We rarely hit 40 people, so the number of byes would be reduced. It made for a long day.

The next finals we hold we are going to experiment with group strikes, with the highest selfie players being granted an extra strike or two. No limit on attendance and people can still join if they didn’t do the selfie part.

I don’t believe the 10%-50% rule applies as the selfie portion is not qualifying, it’s just seeding. Doesn’t count toward TGP.

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That’s correct, the 10%-50% rule is moot for selfie type tournaments. Violate it or comply with it, you can’t count any selfie qualifying meaningful games in the TGP %.

Here was the rules document from the Selfie League that we ran last Winter:


  • Top 32 from Qualifying made Finals
  • Pinburgh-Style Finals with 3-2-1-0 Scoring and Banks of Machines
  • Top 16 - One Round Bye; Top 8 - Two Round Bye
  • If you weren’t Top 32 or once you were knocked out, we had a Progressive Strikes B-Division for anyone who didn’t make the Semi-Final as a consolation, where the winner won a trophy with a Goat on it.

The B-Division Consolation gave people reason to stick around after being eliminated if they wanted, but it does make for an all-day event.

The next time we run it, I’d be interested to potentially mix the format up, so I’m interested to hear what other people do in their leagues.

I really missed PHILA league this winter! Hope all is well!