Favorite team names

What are some of your favorite team names from your local league(s)? Here’s a team name from our current league that I think is really solid:

The Has Pins

I’ve personally used this one in the past without appearing to generate a ton of excitement, but I still like it a lot:

Victory Lapse


I’m a big fan of The Emotionally Validated Playfields


My two favorite around here are:

Special When Lit
Inlane Clown Posse


Dammit Greg, you can’t even let me talk up my own team? (EVP 4eva.)


The thread I didn’t know I needed :laughing: @stevevt I have a backlog of pin golf team name ideas. Current favorite is Par Wars: The Phantom Tilt (or The Empire Bangs Back).


Spinner Spinner Chicken Dinner


It is such a great name, though. This summer’s league has had a great batch of names. I also particularly enjoy We Have Shuffled Off This Flipper Coil


Daniel really outdid himself with this season’s team names.

For non-PDX context, our team league has a chill summer session in between Fall and Spring seasons; teams are semi-randomly assigned taking into account +1s and IFPA ranking, so team names are similarly randomized. This summer’s roster: Emotionally Validated Playfields, We Have Shuffled Off This Flipper Coil, Death Save the Queen, Tilt-a-Whirl, Pin Pals, and Your Lord and Ball Savior.


Not a team, but around here there is a crew I guess you would call it known as DSD. Death save disciples. And a lesser, more non existent crew known as the donuts everytime crew. In addition, i sometimes refer to a group of people as “original jammers” long standing members of our local league.

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We don’t really have team leagues around where I am, but now I’m totally going to think up individual nicknames, MMA/boxing style.

Back when @pinwizj ran Pinbrawl at the Chicago Pinball Expo – which was Crazy Fun, even if he made us wake up at 6:40 AM to play – we had a team called Impending Doom. We were never quite sure if that was our Impending Doom or our opponent’s Impending Doom, but guaranteed win either way.


I’d feel bad about that except I woke up at 3:30am for setup :slight_smile:

Miss running that thing … don’t miss getting yelled at by Pacak.


F@$! Facebook was my favorite.

Local NYC favorites:

  • Ball Me Maybe
  • Terrorwrists
  • Balls of Steel
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Shiny Unicorn Farts was my favorite team name from the Pittsburgh team league last season.
This year they morphed into the Shiny Dragon Farts.

Nah, the best Pittsburgh one is Super Happy Flipper Danger Tilt Fun Time Pinball Go Team!

Remember to respect your elders and make Jaquay have to figure out how he’s going to handle that on spreadsheets.


Considering we have 26 teams in the upcoming Seattle Monday Night Pinball league season, we’re bound to have some good names in the mix. Here are a few (pinball themed) names I like:

  • All Locked Up
  • Coinhole Surfers
  • Drain Freeze (who played out of an ice cream shop)
  • Drain in Hell
  • Magic Saves (who play out of a boardgame/Magic/D&D shop)
  • Middle Flippers
  • Pinguins
  • …and of course the Specials When Lit. (Or shortened just to SPECIALS!!!)

There are plenty of other great names in our league too, but they require more explanation and context since they relate to the venues.

Disclaimer: I’m not only a player in the league, I’m also the captain of the Specials. :wink: