Favorite Bank Shots

I can’t believe no one has mentioned this one. Simply the best feeling bank shot of all pinball has to be FAST / QUICK DRAW during Super HorseShoe Jackpot mode. Hitting one black HorseShoe target and banking to the other side of the pf to hit the other one for 10K.


I second the GoT Baratheon-to-Tyrell bank shot. Its reliability and safety does tend to vary across different machines, but it is pretty solid on the one I mostly play on. Definitely a thing to check during the initial ball saver period.

I like grazing Slimer into the left ramp on GB pro, particularly during The Ballroom.


Yep… and there’s more. When I had a Quick Draw I would use the lane dividers opposite the flippers to bank shot the bottom drops and I would use the pop bumpers to bank shot the ABC collect hole.


Can you advance Whiplash when Monger is up though?

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Amen. My favorite thing to do on a classic game.

RBION: Shoot from the left flipper and bank off the post to the left of the varitarget into the SJ; pretty sure my success rate is higher with the bank shot than it is from the upper flipper~

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GOT. Bank off right sling into the dragon kickback.

WH20: Backhand the bigfoot targets to go into the lock.