Fantasy NACS 2022

Rosters are here (or @coreyhulse has a Google spreadsheet of brackets in another thread…)

If you would like to play, email me your picks for: the 1st and 2nd place finisher for every state/provence/district etc.

For each tourney, you will get:
2 points for correct winner
2 points for correct runner-up
bonus point for correct winner + correct runner-up
1 point for each correct top 2 in the incorrect position (up to 2 points)

My email address is my first name at my last name dot com. I won’t share your picks with anyone else and I’ll just post the score results. Please don’t post your picks here - send them to me. There are no prizes involved and this is just for fun, but perhaps @pinwizj can come up with something for the winner ?

Good Luck to us all,

Escher’s Dad

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Congratulations to @Smack847, for winning Fantasy NACS 2022! Zach picked quite a few state winners correctly and many other top 2 finishers accumulating a total of 38 points! (Still looking for results from a couple states…). Filling out a spreadsheet with 55 rows and picking winners from over 1,000 competitors proved too much effort for… well… everyone else, as Zach was the only person to submit an entry this year, LMAO. Congrats, Zach. Well played!

p.s. I will try and simplify Fantasy NACS next year to make it a bit easier for everyone to play along. :slight_smile:


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