Fantasy IFPA-19

You know the deal.

The latest 80 Player Roster is here:

If you would like to play, email me your picks for:

5 players from the initial rankings below 32 who make the cut (+5 for each correct choice)

5 players from the top 32 initial rankings who miss the cut (+5 for each correct choice)

Top 8 finishers from 1st thru 8th (+2 for each name in the top 8, +4 for correct round, +8 for exact position except that +10 for correctly picking the winner)

So if you pick “Foo” to win and “Foo” finishes:
1st = +10
2nd = +4
3rd - 8th = +2
9th - 80th = 0

if you pick “Foo” to finish 5th and “Foo” finishes:
5th = +8
6th-8th = +4
1st-4th = +2
9th - 80th = 0

Winning Epstein Cup Team (+1 for correct choice)

Unlike other professional sports, I encourage players to bet on themselves, so I’ll throw in +1 to anyone who picks themselves to make the cut, whether they make the cut or not. :slight_smile:

My email address is my first name at my last name dot com. I won’t share your picks with anyone else and I’ll just post the score results. Please don’t post your picks here - send them to me. There are no prizes involved and this is just for fun, but don’t submit an entry unless you’re willing to risk your lifetime Fantasy IFPA efficiency percentage!

Good Luck to us all,



they don’t play for 5th-8th place anymore, this got cancelled last year

well that’s a bummer, lol… I’ll score all the 5th through 8th as “correct round” and +4.

Congratulations to Richie Terrie for winning Fantasy IFPA 19! Richie correctly picked the exact finishing position of 3 of the top 4 spots to help accumulate 54 points and the win.

Bob Matthews finished second with 52 points.

There was a tie for 3rd at 49 points between Tim Sexton and Preston Currie.

There were 30 entries this year. No one went 5-for-5 on the make/miss cutline picks, which just goes to show how stacked the field was this year and how almost anything can happen when only 32 of 80 players make the cut.

One last shout out to last year’s winner, @MET. He didn’t do very well this year with his picks, but he was the sole entry to pick Team Europe for the Epstein Cup win, LOL. Well played, Michael.

Until next year in Austria!




yeah, I always pick Team Europe. The tiebreaker for the finals weren’t in my favour - 4 players involved; +0 points for me (and 5 out of 8 finalists; 3 on the correct position).

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