Fantasy IFPA-18

The latest and newly expanded 80 Player Roster is here:

Sort by Seed to see em ranked from 1 to 80.

If you would like to play, email me your picks for:

5 players from the initial rankings below 32 who make the cut (+5 for each correct choice)

5 players from the top 32 initial rankings who miss the cut (+5 for each correct choice)

Top 8 finishers from 1st thru 8th (+2 for each name in the top 8, +4 for correct round, +8 for exact position except that +10 for correctly picking the winner)

So if you pick “Foo” to win and “Foo” finishes:
1st = +10
2nd = +4
3rd - 8th = +2
9th - 80th = 0

if you pick “Foo” to finish 5th and “Foo” finishes:
5th = +8
6th-8th = +4
1st-4th = +2
9th - 80th = 0

Winning Epstein Cup Team (+1 for correct choice)

Unlike the NFL, I encourage players to bet on themselves, so I’ll throw in +1 to anyone who picks themselves to make the cut, whether they make the cut or not. :slight_smile:

My email address is my first name at my last name dot com. I won’t share your picks with anyone else and I’ll just post the score results. Please don’t post your picks here - send them to me. There are no prizes involved and this is just for fun, but don’t submit an entry unless you’re willing to risk your lifetime Fantasy IFPA efficiency percentage!

Good Luck to us all,

Escher’s Dad


Can I pick myself if I’m in the 33-48 range? Hard to give up that bonus point.

You are ranked outside of the top 32, so you can most definitely pick yourself to make the cut. For those who don’t know, event though it is now 80 players, the cutline for finals is still only the top 32.

Thanks for doing this!

Last chance to get your Fantasy IFPA-18 picks in. The tournament starts on Friday morning in Germany.

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Congratulations to Michael Trepp, @MET, the winner of Fantasy IFPA-18!!

Just behind Michael we had a tie for 2nd/3rd between Craig Pullen, @roadshow16, and Zach Sharpe, @Smack847.

Honorable mention to Chris Warren, @LOTR_breath, who was the only entry to correctly pick Johannes Ostermier as the winner and Greg Poverelli, @gnyc621, and Tim Sexton, @timballs, who both picked 5 of the top 8 finishers.

Thanks for everyone who sent their entries in this year and congratulations to all the players who went to Germany this year to compete; It was awesome to watch all the amazing pinball… even if a lot of it was at 3am! LOL


yeah, two top3 finishs in a row! my actual pick would have been JQO, but I just couldn’t participate without the faith winning it even knowing my chances were way lower than in my past 9 IFPAs

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