Fantasy IFPA-17

64 Player Roster is here:

If you would like to play, email me your picks for:

4 players from the bottom 32 initial rankings who make the cut (+5 for each correct choice)

4 players from the top 32 initial rankings who miss the cut (+5 for each correct choice)

Top 8 finishers from 1st thru 8th (+2 for each name in the top 8, +4 for correct round, +8 for exact position except that +10 for correctly picking the winner)

So if you pick “Foo” to win and “Foo” finishes:
1st = +10
2nd = +4
3rd - 8th = +2
9th - 64th = 0

if you pick “Foo” to finish 5th and “Foo” finishes:
5th = +8
6th-8th = +4
1st-4th = +2
9th - 64th = 0

Winning Epstein Cup Team (+1 for correct choice)

My email address is my first name at my last name dot com. I won’t share your picks with anyone else and I’ll just post the score results. Please don’t post your picks here - send them to me. There are no prizes involved and this is just for fun, but perhaps @pinwizj can come up with something for the winner ?

Good Luck to us all,

Escher’s Dad


IFPA president for the day? :slight_smile:

Free spot into IFPA18?


Maybe as punishment for whoever finishes last…

There’s a “whoever finishes 2nd can get it” joke here somewhere … But I’m not gonna take it.


Congratulations to Chris Warren, @LOTR_breath, who wins Fantasy IFPA-17!!

2nd place goes to Tim Sexton, @timballs, who missed the tie with Chris by a single point!

3rd place was Michael Trepp, @MET, who was the only player out of over 20 entries who correctly had both Eric Stone and cAyle George in the Finals.

Thanks for everyone who sent their entries in - I’ll try and get some sponsorship next year, so we can award some prizes to the winners!


Woo hoo! I’m actually surprised. I did pick a few long shots who made it into top 32, but I also picked some of the favorites who did not. I guess it didn’t hurt picking the winner, Eric Stone. Congrats Eric!