Family friendly locations in Chicago

I’m brining my 10yr old son to Chicago for a few days. He loves pinball. Does anyone have suggestion for a friendly location with a good selection of pins?

I was there a week ago and visited Emporium, Logan and HQ. Logan Arcade is a bar so not sure on age restrictions but it was my favorite of the 3.
Opens at 3 pm and a ton of great playing games.


Unfortunately I’m pretty sure Emporium, Logan, and HQ are all 21+.

While not “Chicago” (regardless of what @pinwizj would say), Level257 in the Northwest suburbs is a great spot that is family friendly.

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257 looks good . We will be staying near Ohare anyway.

You should also come over to Brookfield and hit up the Galloping Ghost and if you need some food/drinks hit up Brixies, a block west, which has 5 pinball machines.

Thanks for the tips. We’re at 257 right now and it’s a great mix. How often do you see a Lunar Lander in the wild?
Dialed In is here also. Nice mix of games, pins and bowling.

I’ll look into the others as well.