eWallet Max withdrawal

First we have to wait 60 days to get our money . . . next I come to find out that the maximum I can withdraw per day is ONLY $5000. I mean seriously, now I have to collect my Pinburgh winnings over multiple checks from this 3rd party service. Count me OUT for next year’s Pinburgh . . . this is RIDICULOUS. Am I right @Snailman? :slight_smile:


I’ll make sure we adjust the payouts next year so this doesn’t affect anyone :slight_smile:


On a serious note… Do I have to actually fax a voided check - or can you just upload it to complete the bank account transfer docs?

Looks like you can just upload it.

Upload works.


Josh, eWallet informed me that they’re making a special IFPA exception for you, and only allowing you to withdraw your money $1 at a time. :wink:


Oh look… more ewallet problems…

Profile I setup after they rolled it out… now broken and requires more documentation. Apparently because the system doesn’t know how to handle suffixes right it seems… or something since then.

“Link Bank Account Fee: $1.00”


Next year can we just hand Replay a $5 bill as a donation and just give us a check? Every single step of dealing with this ewallet thing has felt shady, dirty, and overall toxic. I seriously hand over less information to visit the NSA then I do to work with this entity.


Amount of issues must be proportionate to the amount of complaints by the user.

I had no issues, logged in, saw my balance, asked for a check, logged out, done and done. I got no issues with the process.

Anyone who produces or is responsible for a product and dismisses reported issues simply because they didn’t have them personally is a fool.

Should definitely be a thing.

Ummmmmmm, I work for the IFPA not the Replay Foundation, so no producing or responsibility at all here.

But yea, keep calling people fools, I’m sure that will also speed up the process for dealing with your issues.

Feedback, support requests and gripes are best taken up directly with the Replay Foundation. I’ll close this topic since it’s not going anywhere.

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