Event Schedule for 2020

Final Battle will be Nov 7-8. It will not be on daylight savings this year as that falls on Halloween.

European Pinball Championship should be Oct 2-4 in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

New date for 2020 OBX Flippers Arcade Fall Pinball Bash 5 is November 13-14-15.

With the hope that it will not conflict with FPF. :slight_smile:

So who’s coming to Brisbane?


No “full scale” tournament at LAX 2020. We’ve run out of room to host a proper top quality level IFPA/Stern Pro Circuit event. We may have some smaller fun events, but unfortunately the show can’t host a full size tournament any longer.

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Northwest Pinball championships 2020 date is confirmed, 9/18-20

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Is that different than the NW Pinball Show in June?

yes, I know it is confusing… :slight_smile:

The show is well, a show with tournaments as well (http://nwpinballshow.com/). NWPC is only a Stern pro circuit event tournament with multiple events (https://www.nwpinballchamps.com/).


Cactus Jack’s Silverball Showdown will be May 22-24.



I am a little sad about Louisville Arcade Expo not having a tournament. It’s a fun show to see.


The tournament at the Golden State Pinball Festival (May 15-17, 2020) in Lodi, CA will be a Stern Pro Circuit event this year.


The Titan Pinball Southwest Regional Pin-Masters seems to have been excluded as well.
That’s May 30-31 in Arlington Texas.
Titan pinball has committed 2 giving away $2,500 at this event plus paying for incidentals so, additionally, entry fees will also be paid out!

Just a quick reminder that anyone should be able to click “Edit” on the top post of this thread and add in your favorite 2020 event(s) to the list.


I added the European Pinball Championships in October.

Is there a location for EPC to add? Also, the URL seems to be incorrect or their site is experiencing problems.

Whoopsie, location added. I think their website was being spotty earlier. Works for me now.

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never knew you could do this. thanks for the heads up.

Richfield Rollapalooza (classics winner , wins a pinball machine!)
June 12, 13

Louisville show has added a tournament for 2020. https://lax.regfox.com/louisville-arcade-expo-x-pinball-tournament