Event Schedule for 2020

Does anyone maintain a schedule of events and have data for 2020? I have one sheet but it assumes a lot of events will take place on the same weekends as they have in the past and Pinside is very sparsely populated past December. I’m trying to schedule a “league” that will run a few meetings across the year but a lot of our local players travel so looking to avoid as many conflicts as possible.

Wikified by @joe as a tracker for 2020 events; please leave the original query above untouched, and add/edit event information below:

INDISC (Banning, CA) - January 9-12; http://www.indisc.com/
SCS and PCS (USA and Canada) - January 18; https://www.ifpapinball.com/nacs/2019/


North American Championship Series (Denver, CO) - March 6-8; https://www.ifpapinball.com/nacs/2019/
Louisville Expo (Louisville, KY) - March 6-8; http://www.louisvillearcade.com/
POSTPONED ArcadeExpo (Banning, CA) - (new date TBD); http://www.arcadeexpo.com/
CANCELLED Texas Pinball Festival (Dallas, TX) - March 27-29; https://texaspinball.com/tpf/

Midwest Gaming Classic (Milwaukee, WI) - April 3-6; https://www.midwestgamingclassic.com/
Pinball at the Zoo (Kalamazoo, MI) - April 16-18
ZapCon (Mesa, AZ) - April 25-26; https://zapcon.com/

POSTPONED to June 12-13 PinFest (Allentown, PA) - May 1-2
YEGPIN (Edmonton, AB) - May 1-3; http://yegpin.com/
Golden State Pinball Festival (Lodi, CA) - May 15-17; http://www.goldenstatepinball.org/
CANCELLED NYCPC (New York, NY) - May 15-17
Cactus Jack’s Silverball Showdown (Oklahoma City, OK) - May 22-24; https://cactusjackssilverballshowdown.com/
Lyons Spring Classic (Lyons, CO) - May 23 (separate Pingolf event on May 22); https://www.lyonspinball.com/tourn_springclassic.htm
Rocky Mountain Pinball Showdown (Denver, CO) - May 23-25; https://www.pinballshowdown.com
IFPA 17 (Fort Myers, FL) - May 28-31; https://www.ifpapinball.com/ifpa17/
Titan Pinball 2020 Southwest Regional Pin-Masters (Arlington, TX) - May 30-31; https://www.facebook.com/events/498459067742274/ or https://dfw-pinball-league.webnode.com/

Northwest Pinball and Arcade Show NWPAS (Tacoma WA) - June 5-7; http://nwpas.wapinball.net/
City Champ (San Francisco, CA) - June 20-21; https://sfpins.org/city-champ/
Bat City Open (Austin, TX) - June 26th-28th
Pintastic (Boxborough, MA) - June 25-28; https://pintasticnewengland.com/

Pinburgh (Pittsburgh, PA) - July 9-12; https://papa.org/
Southern Fried Gameroom Expo (Atlanta, GA) - July 10-12; http://southernfriedgameroomexpo.com/

The Amazing Pinball Race (Columbus, OH) August 1-2; https://www.facebook.com/events/2510807809031726/
Brisbane Masters (Brisbane, Australia) August 8-9; http://bnepac.org/

Dory Hill Pinball Campout (Blackhawk, CO) - September 11-13
Northwest Pinball Championships (Lynnwood, WA) - 9/18-20; https://www.nwpinballchamps.com/

European Pinball Championship (Sint-Niklaas, Belgium) - Oct 2-4; http://www.epc2020.be/
Pinball Expo (Chicago, IL) - Oct 14-18
Pinball Madness (Banning, CA) - October 17-19; http://pinballmadness.com/tournament/

Final Battle at the Sanctum (Meriden, CT) - Nov 7-8; https://tothesanctum.com/finalbattle/
Houston Arcade Expo/ Space City Open (Houston, TX) - Nov 13-14
OBX Flippers Arcade Fall Pinball Bash (Grandy, NC) - November 13-15
Free Play Florida (Orlando, FL) - November 20-22 (most likely); http://wp.freeplayflorida.com/

Pincinnati (Cincinnati, OH) - December 4-6


Pincinnati will be the first weekend in December 2020. Strikes Friday, matchplay Saturday, gauntlet Sunday.


So far, I see the following:

Indisc - January 9-12

SCS - January 18

Nationals (CO) and Louisville Expo (KY) March 6-8

Texas - March 27-29

Midwest Gaming (WI) - April 3-6

Kalamazoo, MI - April 16-18

Mesa, AZ - April 25-26

Edmonton, AB - May 1-3

Golden State (Lodi, CA) - May 15-17

Rocky Mountain (CO) - May 23-25

IFPA (FL) - May 28-31

NW Show (Tacoma) - June 5-7

Pintastic (MA) - June 25-28

Pinburgh - July 9-12; Atlanta Expo July 10-12

Chicago Expo - Oct 14-18

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Louisville had no tourney last year. Does anyone know of any reason to think 2020 will be different?

I threw it in there just in case they do, or for those who want to go to the show and don’t care if there’s no tournament. But no sign of tournament coming back so far. I liked theirs, too.

Rumblings of there may be one. I think it will take some convincing and a volunteer to do it. Any news on the LAX tournament coming back @kirbycrouton ?

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PinFest - Allentown, PA May 1-2

Is there any way the topic can be made into a Wiki? Might be a good place to centralize a basic event listing.


Houston Arcade Expo/ Space City Open Nov 13-14

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Bat City Open, more than likely June 12-14th.

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To not conflict next year with FPF , OBX Flippers Fall Pinball Bash 5 will be November 13-14-15 of 2020

NYCPC 2020 is May 15-17th. It’s up on the IFPA calendar

I have a schedule that I keep up to date throughout the year on Pinside (https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/pinball-live-stream-thread). Here’s what I have so far:

INDISC - Banning CA (January 9-12, 2020) - streaming confirmed
US State Championships - Various Locations (Jan 18, 2020)
IFPA US North American Pinball Championship - Denver, Colorado (March 5, 2020)
IFPA Women’s World Pinball Championships - Denver, Colorado (March 5, 2020)
IFPA Pin-Masters - Denver, Colorado (March 6-8, 2020)
Stern Pro Circuit Finals - Chicago, IL (unknown March 2020)
Texas Pinball Festival - Frisco, Texas (March 27-29, 2020)
Midwest Gaming Expo - Milwaukee, WI (April 3-6, 2020)
Pinball at the Zoo - Kalamazoo, MI (April 16-18, 2020)
ZapCon Festival - Mesa AZ (April 25-26, 2020)
YegPin Edmonton - AB (May 1-3, 2020)
PinFest IFPA Tournament - Allentown, PA (May 1-2, 2020)
NYC Pinball Championship - NYC (May 15-17, 2020)
Golden State - Lodi, CA (May 15-17, 2020)
Cactus Jack’s Silverball Showdown - Oklahoma City, OK (May 22-24, 2020)
Rocky Mountain Showdown - Denver, CO (May 23-25, 2020)
IFPA17 World Pinball Championships - Fort Meyers FL (May 28-31, 2020)
Northwest Pinball Show - Tacoma, WA (June 5-7, 2020)
City Champ 9 - San Francisco CA (unknown June 2020)
Bat City Open - Austin, TX (more than likely June 12-14th, 2020)
Silverball Rumble at Pintastic - Boxboro, MA (June 25-28, 2020)
Pinburgh - Pittsburgh, PA (July 9-12, 2020)
Brisbane Masters - Brisbane, Australia (unknown August 2020)
Cleveland Pinball & Arcade Show - Independence OH (September 10-13, 2020)
Northwest Pinball Championships - (September 18-20)
Pittsburgh Pinball Open - Pittsburgh, PA (unknown October 2020)
Pinball Expo Flip Out Tournament - Chicago, IL (October 14-18, 2020)
European Pinball Championships - Sint-Niklaas, Belgium (October 2-4, 2020)
24 Hour Final Battle at the Sanctum - Meriden, CT (November 7-8, 2020)
Space City Pinball Open - Houston, TX - (November 13-14, 2020)
Freeplay Florida- Orlando, FL (unknown November 2020)
OBX Flippers Fall Tournament - Grandy, NC (November 13-15, 2020)
Pincinnati - Cincinnati OH (December 4-6, 2020)

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Final Battle will be Nov 7-8. It will not be on daylight savings this year as that falls on Halloween.

European Pinball Championship should be Oct 2-4 in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

New date for 2020 OBX Flippers Arcade Fall Pinball Bash 5 is November 13-14-15.

With the hope that it will not conflict with FPF. :slight_smile:

So who’s coming to Brisbane?


No “full scale” tournament at LAX 2020. We’ve run out of room to host a proper top quality level IFPA/Stern Pro Circuit event. We may have some smaller fun events, but unfortunately the show can’t host a full size tournament any longer.

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Northwest Pinball championships 2020 date is confirmed, 9/18-20

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