European Pinball Championship 2016

Does anybody know what’s happening with the European Pinball Championship 2016? My wife and I have been trying to find out for months, because we’re interested in going over for the event. But flights from the US (especially from the West Coast) are starting to get super-expensive now.

We first heard that it was going to be in Belgium again, then it was going to move to Denmark. But more recently, we heard that they were having problems with the venue, and it was now going to head over to Poland.

Unfortunately, none of the websites are being updated, so it’s hard to figure it out what the deal is.

Any information would be appreciated.


Maybe our American emissary in Europe (@cayle) would know more? :slightly_smiling:

They could of course play it at PAPA. Just sayin…Doug and Mark & Co could use a project for all of their free time. :)joy:

Unfortunately, details about tournaments are just as obscure on this side of the pond.

Hmm. Ok, well thanks for trying. If anyone catches wind of something, please let us know.


Are the dates locked in for this? I need to do some international travel!

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there is always that :slight_smile:

looks like Poland will do it - estimated date is 9th to 11th september

damn, more conflicting tourney dates, of well…

Balazs and Gabor are organizing the Hungarian Open with 250 participants in November. For me, this is the EPC this year :wink:

Thanks for the information.

The website link on the IFPA event page is causing Google Chrome to put up all kinds of warning messages that the web site and certificate aren’t secure, couldn’t be verified, etc.
Is the correct website? And anyone else have issues with accessing it?

The SSL certificate is not valid (because they’re running two websites on the same server and the wrong certificate is being sent for the EPC domain).

No big deal, just hit the server without HTTPS and you’ll be fine:

Not much to see there though

not your kind of webdesign? :slight_smile:

Bummer. Yeah, just a countdown.

Now it has the details although i think there will be more.
If anyone didn’t see the option to choose Polish or English Language, the English version is here:
And i can see that the English translation could be better

Thanks for providing the additional detail.

A question on 80’s tourney: The round of 16 players (stage 2), each 4-player group will play only one game on one pin, with highest score advancing to the final 4? One game match, with only one player advancing from each group of 4 is a bit too short, in my humble opinion. Also, shouldn’t the groups be 1,8,9,16; 2,7,10,15; etc.?

"Stage II – The way to the final of the 80’s

This stage will be played on Saturday evening (20:00 – 21:00).
Sixteen players will be divided into four people groups according to the following key:


The scores are counted from Stage I.

Each group will play match at four counters on one machine (3 balls without extra ball).
Players with the highest score of each group qualify for the final 80’s."

Well i think they want to make it as short as possible.
From looking at the numbers of players it is like that: (player’s place)+4 = next player in group.
As i said before, the English version of the site isn’t very good and can be confusing a little.
For any information you should ask on the polish forum:
You can ask there without registering altough the site is only in polish language.
I’m also trying to inform people here as much as i can.
Also i think you can ask them through the email too:

Seems par for the course for zany european rules.

You are top qualifier? Great job, you get to play first!
Everyone picks a game for the finals - Top Qualifier, you pick the first game!


fwiw, the Polish guys are great and seem like they put in a lot of effort. From what I’ve seen they usually try and bite off way more than they can chew (running too many side tourneys) - It’s probably a good thing if these side events are short.