ESPN Magazine pinball feature


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Just for clarification I only took the shot of Robert at PAPA and the wide shot of Pinburgh/Replay F/X - other photos I assume are credited to the appropriate photographers (not sure who shot them until I check out the mag and see :slight_smile:


Yeah I’m with you on that one. They look like stances of zombie/Sumo wrestler stances ahaha. I mean when you compare photo’s of e-sports it’s like: also The appearance of fat, middle aged men with neckbeards eating Dorito’s and chugging away Mountain Dew playing video games is rapidly dwindling. People are noticing these game companies renting out the Staples Center Stadium with these kids playing games as their job. The production also is on par with a professional sport stream with commentators, spectators, etc. The promo pics and movie of Robert Gagno playing Pinball is what I have in mind of a pro Pinball player.


zombie pinball player for sure! :slight_smile:


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Pinball stances usually look more dynamic from the side.


The reason I enjoyed the pics is because they look so familiar. That’s how I see Andrei and Todd when I’m around them. That’s normal to me. Assume the position.

Athletes without equipment I’d like to see:

NASCAR drivers
Poker players
Billiards players
Darts players
Chess players


Weird they don’t have a KME, Jorian, or Daniele stance.


Daniele wasn’t at Pinbrugh right? I guess KME and Jorian are camera shy? :slight_smile:


Speaking of “fringe sports,” just a coincidence but the main page of the PGA today has a link to the MiniGolf Masters event.


Call it the “GQ Effect”


I’m not saying it’s aliens…

We will just tell them it’s a “pinball stance”.


If you want a lot of choices for coastal golf, maxi or mini, the Myrtle Beach area has a lot to offer. Though it’s a giant beach playground, it’s also sadly and head-scratchingly a pinball desert, for the most part.

But if you like pitch and bats…


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I think this is the place where @mhs rolled it over… or tried to roll it over and barely failed, one of those :slight_smile:


It’s cool to see an article like this in something that gets such a large distribution. ESPN have really invested in the esports area with Street Fighter V and other huge esports games. I remember when I visited the USA recently, sitting in a bar in Keystone Colorado, and being blown away that Street Fighter V EVO championships were being live broadcast across the country and on a TV in front of me. Pinball being a part of that will be massive for the sport.

As for the pinball stance photos - yeah I can’t help but feel they look a little goofy too. I’ve always thought that about pinball stances though because it’s just a funny stance to begin with - let alone trying to capture it in a way that means something.

I’ve been doing some player profile things for my site and trying to capture the stance, focus and general ‘feeling’ of a player behind the machine. Here’s one of the grabs and I think my photographer has done a great job in trying to capture the emotion (or lack thereof) behind it. You can check out others on my site here (we’ve done 3 so far):


If anyone’s having trouble finding this issue on a newsstand but wants to read it, PM me for help locating it.


I’ve never bought an ESPN magazine. Assuming they’re at Barnes and Noble and/or Boarders?


I found mine at Barnes and Noble. Not sure about Borders, but seems likely.


These are terrific, thanks for sharing!