ESPN Magazine pinball feature


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Are they ALL completely gone? I knew some were closing slowly, but I didn’t think the entire business went under.


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Aha. I guess it’s been a while since I went to a major chain book store.
Powell’s is in Portland. That’s 3 hours away. A bit too far, but I try to go in there every time I visit Portland.


Anyone know if this magazine is aboot in Canada, eh?


…or the UK aye?

Maybe if someone can take a photo of the front cover that would help too? :slight_smile:


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I’ll bring you a copy at the next Seattle pinball event.


The digital version will be out later this week. All dependent on news stories that might take precedent. Over all this was a good article with accurate facts. Our pet Lupo died during the Pinburgh 2015 weekend. Robert was very attached to his pet as was the whole family. Brought back some sad memories reading about our dog in the article.


I have two extra print copies; can bring to Florida or OBX. Jim and Karl get first dibs if they’re interested.


Online is supposed to go live on Thursday according to the photo editor who i’ve been talking with so look out for that - I will post the link when he shares it with me too…


These are great photos, Marc, and you’re right, it’s fascinating to see the perfectly relaxed faces, like Federer at his best :slight_smile:


Online now:


Those are some ‘in the zone’ faces there


What happened to @Smack847 in the online version?


Somebody needed to keep @pinwizj company on the cutting room floor


Apparently our “O” faces weren’t good enough for final print? :slight_smile:


Thanks for posting. Great read. Quality sports journalism


this article is awesome. really great to see pinball get recognition and respect, and it’s a compelling story to boot.

i was a little confused about the end of the article, where Robert ends up finishing 51st at Pinburgh. i coulda sworn i watched him in the playoffs…?


@pezpunk they were referring to 2015…the first one that was at the convention center