Escher: Two machines in 5 days

Congratulations to Escher Lefkoff, the first player to ever win two new pinball machines the same week! Despite facing all 6 of the players ranked #2 through #7 behind him in one or both events, plus several former major champions and previous #1 players, Escher took down both the Stern Circuit Final and the main event at Expo with some crusher games. Well done!


There aren’t enough adjectives to describe how impressive Escher is against the best players in the world. Well done!

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I’d go with . . . “Efficient” :slight_smile:


Why don’t we just call Escher “The Kid”? He’s still very young, and kid is the word for a baby GOAT!

(plus he has worn a Steve O from Champion Pub shirt for years, and that game always calls players “kid”)

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Dat boy got talent. Nice!