Error in 3 strikes Tournament, how to resolve?

So, I took part in a three strikes tournament last night using MatchPlay software.

In round 5, the incorrect result was submitted, leading me to appear to me eliminated come round 6. The tournament director, had me play in place of the player that i defeated in the previous round, and updated my strikes accordingly so that i could move forward, but the software still incorrectly shows me as the loser of round 5, and does not show that I was the winner in round 6.

This also leads me to be a few positions lower in the final standings than I believe I should be.

This may just be a lost result for me, but as I am taking interest in directing tournaments in the future, I wanted to knwo what should be done in this case.

I would’ve manually adjusted your strikes in Matchplay at the start of the next round, then replaced the player that should’ve been out with you in the matchup for round 6

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Okay, that was what was done, but In the software,the player that should have been out was not taken out and replaced by me, he was given the win I got so that the player i beat in round 6 would receive the correct amount of strikes, and then, after the strike adjustment, I re-entered the active player list in round 7.

all parts of it have to be done manually. You have to have your strikes adjusted (from the Players tab) for -1, your previous opponent needs to have their strikes adjusted from the same tab +1.

Then, on the Rounds tab your previous opponent’s match needs to have the players modified (by clicking the gear on the left) and replacing that person with you.

Doing this will have results reflected correctly the results page.

I mean at the end of the day if the final results are accurate, there’s multiple ways to handle it.

two more points: If a mod reads this, this thread should be added to the Open Matchplay Thread, imo

Interestingly, if the same player needs to have their strikes adjusted twice, they need their strikes adjusted according to the net total the second time, as it will not adjust it cumulatively (as in, if I win two matches which both incorrectly get marked as losses, the first time I can select “-1 strike” but the second time I need to select “-2 strikes”)


Thank you all for the feedback. I will request that the necessary changes be made, and now i better know what needs to be done should I run into this issue myself.

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Also, the final standings in matchplay should not be used as though they are gospel. If things like this happen and the final results are inaccurate, the TD should fix things manually when submitting to the IFPA.


I have run into many issues in MP. I have to manually adjust and make sure results are submitted accurately and not what MP says.

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