Elvira House of Horrors house Ramp getting stuck on gargoyle

My friend just took delivery of his Elvira House of Horrors. The house ramp is hanging up on the right Gargoyle. We had to open it up, shift that post that the gargoyle rest on and also shift the ramp as far left as possible, so this does NOT happen again. Within 5 games it goes back to getting stuck. Has anybody else ran into this or have a solution?

Make sure foam that keeps gargoils still during shipping has been removed- had this happen with the NIB I was present for Set up. If the goils aint popping when u hit them that’s what’s up. Since gargoils are not actually connected to anything they shouldnt hamper ramp


we took that foam out during setup originally. Thanks for the mentioning that though

Mine catches it occasionally but never causes a problem - I think a couple of folks on pinside have had it might be worth asking there

thanks neil

From all I’ve read this is just a design flaw, you can’t get it to clear, stay clear, and not have the gargoyle bind. Just one of those things you have to ignore. Minor issue on an otherwise amazing game!

we cant ignore. Because ramp gets hung up and then you cannot shoot the main shot! The House. Then we have to take off glass Update: We contacted stern support and chas is sending us a new gargoyle target! The Pin is protruding to far left on that gargoyle target, which is the problem. We will update when we see if that solves it

Ah, I misunderstood. I thought the gargoyle was just going up and down with the ramp. If the new one doesn’t do that let us know!