Early revision of the Jack*Bot ROM?

So I vaguely remember that a few years ago, I went to an arcade in CA’s Santa Monica Pier that had a few (poorly maintained) pinball machines. One of the ones they had there was a Jack*Bot that I was able to get to Multiball on, and I noticed the Jackpot animation was very different than the one on the more familiar ROMs (it might have shown the balls going into the eye sockets like the one you get when you lock a ball). I’m not sure if there were any other differences because I wasn’t able to get too far, but cheating still worked, so it couldn’t have been a particularly early revision. Has anyone else seen or played this version of the ROM? I haven’t seen anyone else discuss it so I want to know if I’m not going completely insane. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried the prototype .4 version available on IPDB? Looks like that and 1.0 are the only revisions available.


Thanks! Surprised one on location would have the .4 ROM but it shows how much they cared, I guess. Lol

Back in the days most operators went with the software revision that the game was shipped with as long as it worked. Mostly due to the fact that you had to get new physical ROMs – not just a quick software update like we do today.

I’ve found a lot of early prototype ROMs in my games that I bought from an old vendor here in Sweden. :slight_smile:

Having played that specific Jack*Bot a few years back, it wouldn’t surprise me that it was on a .4 ROM version given the condition it was in. That being said, it was super fun to find some location pinball on the pier.