Dory Hill

Dory Hill is officially back!

After a brief hiatus, the Dory Hill Pinball Campout will return to pinball calendar for 2019.

It will be held at the original location, on the usual weekend.

Dory Hill is held at Base Camp at Golden Gate Canyon, 661 CO-46, Black Hawk, CO, 80422.

–PLEASE-- DO NOT call for reservations. Base Camp will not be directly accepting reservations for the event. They have requested that I coordinate all reservations for the weekend. I will soon be announcing how this process will work, along with pricing, etc.

This event is held the weekend after Labor Day. This year, it will be 9/6/2019-9/8/2019. Save the dates!

We will be sending out lots of details in the near future. For now, I’m just creating a mailing list for interested parties. If you would like to be on the mailing list, send me a message at

Ryan Wanger has graciously agreed to serve as the Tournament Director for the weekend. I have reached out to several of you already for additional assistance. Thanks to all. This will be a community event. We will all need to pitch in to make this a success.

Special thanks to Steve Trujillo. He was the original creator of this amazing event. Without his help, this event would not be possible.

Thanks, and see you there!



This always sounded like a ton of fun. Camping and pinball are basically my two favorite things.


With respect to PAPA (RIP) and Pinburgh, Dory Hill is the most fun event in pinball.

Glad to see it’s happening in 2019! I cannot make it this year, but definitely putting on the calendar for 2020! I heard nothing but awesome things.


Have you stood in line in the morning rain in the woods, waiting to play Dr. Dude? I have. We’re you drunk? I was.


You know Bob COLORADO will be there!

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Dory Hill 2019 plans are moving along nicely. The camp site is reserved for the weekend.

There is a LOT of interest this year. That’s fantastic.

Please note, EVERYONE can attend and participate in Dory Hill 2019. There will be no limit placed on tournament participation. The Friday night tournament entry fee is $10. The Saturday night tournament entry fee is $40. So, $50 for both.

I have decided to give priority to those that attended in 2017 for distributing camp sites. I will try to give people “first right of refusal” for their previous accommodations. I will request money via PayPal. Please pay via Friends and Family. I will not cover PayPal fees.

Due to the limited space, I would encourage everyone to make the most of the space allowed. Each cabin, RV site and camp site allows 4 people and 1 vehicle. Base Camp charged $5 per extra person per night, and $5 per extra vehicle per night. You can put tents on an RV site, and they have power/water. You can have multiple tents on a single tent/RV site.

If you don’t get a spot on a camp site, Blackhawk, CO is ~4 miles down the road. There are lots of casinos that would love to have you stay with them. I stayed at the Ameristar my first couple of years of Dory Hill attendance, and it worked out very well. There’s actually a dirt road that goes directly from the back of Ameristar to Base Camp. Weird, but it works.

If I contact you with a reservation, please pay promptly. This will allow me to distribute the sites quickly and fairly.

We really want 1-2 pins at every cabin. We also have quite a bit of extra room in the pavilion for additional games. Let me know what you intend to bring. Please try to bring something interesting that will be reliable. And of course, we strongly encourage people trying to do some sort of theme, particularly for the cabins. It makes the whole thing more fun. Remember, this is a community event. So, try to contribute however you can.

Finally, I need email addresses and cell phone # for ALL attendees. We need to know who is there, and need to be able to contact everyone.

Thanks, I’ll be in touch soon,


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If you need a spot you can be squeezed in but email ASAP!

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