Doodle Bug/Dipsy Doodle for tournament play

Can someone help me figure out how to turn off extra balls? The adjustment for replay or extra balls in the game only pertains to the scoring extra ball awarded. It doesn’t affect the center target EB.

There is an extra ball relay in the cabinet. Can I adjust one of the switches in the stack so that it will not award an extra ball?

Also, what would you recommend to do if someone gets the ball to come to rest on the flipper and the doodle bug is running? I plan to just make a note that if someone actually does this that they are required to flip the ball away.


On my dipsy doodle I just put a piece of electrical tape between the contacts on the hold switch (switch A, Y-B and G-R, closest to the coil) of the EB relay and took out the EB lamp in front of the doodle bug target



I think you should leave extra balls on. If you go 1,2,3,4 and then hit the center target to start doodling at a higher value…you should be compensated for your bad luck of a STDM return.

I think if you’ve never seen a ball get stuck on the flipper on your specific machine, then I wouldn’t worry about a contingency plan. If someone makes it happen, they win!

Alternatively, are the thin Titan flipper rubbers thinner than standard rubbers? If so, maybe try those out as a way to prevent getting stuck between sling and flipper.

In the case of Doodle Bug, sure, but on Dipsy Doodle the EB light is purely random

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but hitting 1-4 targets has nothing to do with lighting extra ball. The stepper that steps and lights the various top saucer awards controls when the EB is lit. So let’s say I step that unit to the point that EB is lit and drain, it will still be lit for the next player. That’s why I don’t like EB on this game.

I’ve definitely gotten the ball stuck on the base of the flipper before.

Thin Titans is a good idea but worried their tackiness might induce the ball stopping on the bad of the flipper more.

Yep. Didn’t realize these two games differed here. I have DD.

I didn’t realize this either. Never played a DD. For DB, the lit Extra Ball is 100% deterministic…and doesn’t carry over between balls.

Damn. Way better game then for this reason and the fact that you can advance past 100 per doodle bug run. Yeah it’s super hard to do it, but at least it’s possible.

Since DD has only two scoring levels (10 + 100), I guess the way DB does EBs would be a bit weird. DD has the EB light hooked up to the match unit, I think a 1/10 chance of it being lit, randomly, which really sucks.

My ‘hack’ above was done on my DD, but I think it should work on DB (or any EM really) as well

You can’t advance past 100? Lame! I haven’t been to 10k yet. But been to 1000 at least once or twice.

It’s pretty fun that in DB, once you have it going at 100, you’re frantically trying to get it to 1000. What do you do in DD once you’re at 100? I guess try not to hit anything?

Try to keep the ball in the lower playfield. Still pretty fun to essentially juggle the ball for as long as possible.

Technically, I’ve found that just bashing the 2+3 targets (for 1k each) is actually more valuable than running the doodle bug at 100, which is sorta sad. That and the 5k skill shot make DD kind of unbalanced. I picked it up because it was four player, but am now looking for a DB or LB for better game play. I don’t really understand why they did it either. 1000 support would only require another light and a few contacts on the stepper…