Does the new IFPA "5 tournament" rule include 50% cut for TGP purposes

Say you have a tournament with 20 participants, some sort of 10 game qualifying format, 8 top qualifiers play heads-up best of 5 knockout for the win. In total 25 games and a TGP of 100%.

If the same tournament had 5 of the 20 participants that didn’t qualify for the “5 tournament rule”, would the 10 qualifying games be disregarded as less than 50% of the “rated” players are being cut before the finals, making it what is mentioned as seeding in the IFPA rule description. And pull the TGP for the tournament down to 60% for the 15 final games?

I haven’t been able to find any clarification to this on the IFPA website.

The 50% cut doesn’t consider whether a player is Rated or Not Rated.

The only thing the Rated player rule impacts is whether that player adds to the base value and TVA of that tournament (for 2015 at least . . . more changes to come for 2016 of course) :smile:

TGP would still be 100% in the example you laid out.

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Thanks for the clarification @pinwizj