Does anyone like tilt warnings lasting through the game?

Which option:

  1. They’re okay if the tilts aren’t set too tight
  2. Sure, it’s a cool concept that makes you think before you nudge
  3. Nope. This setting should not exist.
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Not a fan.

Say you’re in a tournament setting and the player before you dangers through. Except you had to sacrifice two tilt warnings on an earlier ball. That player’s “danger through” is now a tilt through.

Edit: I’m unaware if this scenario can actually happen as it’s rare enough on its own and I don’t know if JJP games have tilt-through protection while a ball is waiting to be plunged.

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Anyone know the first game to give a warning?

First game that ended the ball, not the whole game?

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I will guess Hot Tip (SS).

  1. Nudging is a skillful part of pinball and if you are not familiar with the specific machine in a tournament setting, you will be discouraged from nudging

Hell no
Fuck no


For me 2.
It’s nice to have something a little less generous than Sterns current offering.
And besides, the other extreme is Tilt ends game. JJP games are a happy medium between the two.
A few TDs like to change the settings to be per-ball on JJP games, and I’m not a fan of that. It’s nice to have the variety.
A good player knows how to adjust their style to suit the different eras of nudge-ability, wether it be Tilt Ends Game, Tilt per ball, warnings per ball, warnings per game.


I think warnings should be per ball, not least because balls get stuck with amazing regularity and it often takes a danger or two to unstick them. It’s stupid to get punished on a single ball for that, let alone for the remainder of the game.


2.5. I’m fine with the setting being available and I appreciatse the innovation, but I would prefer it be turned off in competition and on location. Do Spooky games also allow this? Is the warning per game turned on by default?

Either way, there’s not as many out there for practice compared to Stern’s. My city is currently showing 23 locations with 61 machines and none of them are JJP or Spooky. Hard enough to learn the basic rules when not many are around, let alone major changes like this. One large operator in my area will turn things like this off. This operator also enabled the ball saver on Munsters when that arrived. If you’re going to use somewhat rare games, please keep the settings as basic as possible.

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I just wish people would stop say “only two warnings per game”. Surely, it must be two warnings per tilt. Cross balls counted.

I much prefer tilt warnings reset per ball-in-play. And I do not like how this mo is encouraging rage tilting out a lost ball it cost you two warnings to try to save.

My city spots a place with three JJP LEs :wink:

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And of course there was the Bally Dungeons and Dragons, Heavy Metal Meltdown etc. concept, which I don’t think has shown up as a tilt setting in pinball machines being produced today. Oh yeah, the reply to the OP, #3.


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Number 3 IMHO.

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Do any of them have this feature turned on?



I’m completely unsurprised the people this rule was guarding against are against it! :slightly_smiling_face:


But you’re a world class, high-level pinball player, too. So the rule is guarding against yourself? :wink:

Thanks, but obviously I’m ok with it!