Does anyone know if Rush is supposed to be WiFi enabled (with adapter) out of the box?

Ours didn’t show up with a wifi adapter but when I look at the insider kits they come with one? I bought a WiFi adapter from Staples and it isn’t recognizing it. The set up instructions seem to assume it is able to see a network.

did it fall out of the usb slot in shipping?
they don’t have the drivers for ANY USB wifi
eathernet should work

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There is a small white dongle but it doesn’t look like a WiFi adapter - more like the size of a license key -in one usb slot and there is one empty usb slot on the board. If the one on there is a WiFi adapter then I suspect it might just be bunk- I requested a new one because they got back to me and said it should have come with one. Thank you for responding!

Update - turns out the white dongle is the WiFi - going to switch slots to see if it is the slot or the hardware.

Make sure the network you’re connecting to is 2.4ghz

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would have been nice to get 5ghz support, would help with transfer speed :slight_smile:

It was a bad usb slot. fixed it!


Are you allowed to say what wifi adapter drivers are baked into Stern’s Yocto build? If not it’s all good, I just don’t run 2.4ghz anymore at home and it’d be nice to not have to do the legwork.