Discourse upgrade

Hey all,

Today I did a major upgrade of the Discourse software (which runs this forum) as well as the underlying hosting environment. It ran into a couple snags along the way but things seem to be working again now. There’s a lot of new features and a somewhat updated UI. Have fun with it and let me know if you encounter any issues. Now that the hosting environment is up to date, I can start looking into fixing things like the server time and adding https.




Any ideas why the dark theme is missing? I will have a poke around their documentation to see if there are any hints.

I just turned on a color scheme for dark mode, is it working now?

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hmm looks like it’s slightly darker now

I grabbed this from a separate discourse that I run that is included as the default dark theme

i’m not sure how the import works but it’s on this admin page http://tiltforums.com/admin/customize/colors

"Dark": {
  "primary": "dddddd",
  "secondary": "222222",
  "tertiary": "099dd7",
  "quaternary": "c14924",
  "header_background": "111111",
  "header_primary": "dddddd",
  "highlight": "a87137",
  "danger": "e45735",
  "success": "1ca551",
  "love": "fa6c8d",
  "selected": "2c2c2c",
  "hover": "313131"

couple of snags?
are you running this in docker or not?

also time should be very easy and very basic os level.