Diner gameplay question

On Diner, is the far rignt hole shot supposed to fling the ball out and into the multiball start/dine time target?

On both the one I’ve played before and the one I just got, shooting the far right mystery hole gives you the same result as nailing the spinner shot, so want to see if that’s correct. You shoot the hole, and the ball ejects after into the spinner shot.

Bowen does this in his Diner tutorial so I am pretty sure it is expected behavior.

So long as it sticks in the top hole, it gives you the multi ball. Which is why it’s mostly silly when the mystery award is a multiball (which it’ll only give you if a ball is already locked).

Also, fun fact about diner: Tilting during MB after getting to the 500k ramps keeps the 500k ramps on next ball.


That’s a cool trick, but It looks like intentional tilts like that are against IFPA rules, so probably don’t try it at a tournament.

Great. Kinda renders the spinner shot pointless but I’ll be ready to take advantage next time I run into it at pinburgh.

Oh yeah, it’s not even a wise move outside of tournaments. Just one of those fun things.



Yeah after a few games I’m hip to not stirring the cup.

I remember hearing about a guy intentionally tilting out each ball to prevent his opponent from lock stealing, but can’t remember what game.

That seems easier to police.

Are there lots of other places where you might want to intentionally tilt out a ball to benefit your future self for some non-shared state of the game?

I’m not familiar with any others, it must have come up often enough to add the rule though. There’s that weird trick on Addams Family with greed letters but that wouldn’t be useful in a tournament really.

If I remember right tilting on Space Shuttle doesn’t eject any locked balls, and that’s the only lock stealing game I play regularly. I can double check later.

Anyone else know another example?


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Turns out!

I hadn’t considered that situation at all, cool to see Steve Bowden pick up on it as the move to go for as he got the warning.

I seem to remember Nate Shivers podcasting about a game of Capersville where his opponent kept tilting out locked balls. Someone pointed it out to Nate after the game and ask if he was pissed about it. It was early in his tournament talk, so I don’t know if he was even sure it was against the rules. <Anyway, that’s how I remember that story.>

Of course you might be thinking of something completely different.

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This is exactly what I was thinking about. I seem to remember the opponent pretending he didn’t know what he was doing.

Was this rule in place when Bowden did that? “Any player who deliberately tilts or slam tilts a machine in order to derive some benefit to his or her own play, or the play of others, under these rules, will receive a score of zero. Repeated offenses may result in ejection from the tournament.”

I believe Radical! is a game that kicks out locked balls upon a tilt.

We’ve gotten into this time and again, but it is difficult to police because what’s the line between “I’ll try this huge save and if I tilt, hey, that’s a bonus because I get a Greed letter/unlock my opponent’s balls!” and “I’m tilting on purpose only to derive this benefit.” I bet @pinwizj will say “Just make it look good.”


This sounds normal to me.