Digital pinball tournaments

Since our weekly leagues are postponed for now, I want to run some fun online tournaments for our league. I am guessing using the Williams packs on FX3 will be the most accessable to most of our league.

Anyone have experience trying this?

I am a little concerned with the cost of the table packs. Maybe this is a good time for farsight or Zen (both IFPA sponsors) to run a promotion in support of all the cancelled real world events.


Saw your post on FB and think its a great idea to have us all still do the thing we enjoy together but without all the current risk. Although there is a barrier of entry with having to buy the table packs, its no different than a season fee or host fee really.

I have EVERY fx3 table and that was expensive but just getting 2 or 3 of the Williams packs shouldn’t set you back too much. I’ll set up a tournament on Fishtales right now since that is a free table. I’ll post the name and password in a minute.

Tournament is under my gamertag CorinthianNova
Password: tiltforums

You get to it by going to tournaments, going to filters and clicking name and you will type in CorinthianNova.

Unlimited attempts
Extra balls on
14 days to match the recommended self quarantine time.