Dialed In! Rulesheet (Wiki)

Just hammer their update site :smiley:

What’s the story with the phone screen going black? I’ve heard that it’s a known bug, but not by anyone reputable. The one I play on location suffers from this issue often and it’s always fixed by a power cycle, but it’s definitely a drag when it happens early in a 4 player match and everyone is going blind on their mode starts, etc.

Is this in fact a software issue or just a problem with this particular machine? Any info would be appreciated! @PinballKatz @keefer

I also wonder if anyone experienced a game crash after completing Armageddon. I made it there for the first time a few days ago, but it seemed like the game crashed after - what I presume - was the balls draining out after the mode ends. It never went into ball search, and apparently not even the tilt registered, but it was still playing music and the marquee at the bottom was still scrolling.

This happened to one of our Seattle players, he was super bummed as it was the first time he’d gotten there and then the game just locked up

Black screens are generally not software issues, no. There’s like nothing we can do to cause them to stop working. If one display had a software problem, all of them would be having it.

Okay thanks. Anything you know of that I can suggest to the op, or should he just go through general tech support?

@travam can provide details on his screen going dark experience. I believe it is a loose cable from hitting phone assembly which once the link is lost cant be restarted except by a game power cycle…

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I mean the best I can tell is when the phone screen gets hit sharply it turns off until a power cycle. I’ve tried a million things to get it to stop going black but still haven’t found a solution.

Still does it after replacing the whole screen assembly.

@travam I’m going to say it’s probably the internal vga ribbon cable. The crimping on the cable inside my phone wasn’t very good and the wires came out too easy.



Just some thoughts:

How many consecutive shots is it supposed to take to beat Emjoi? If you make 2 right away, you can beat it for max points. But, the longer it goes after that, the more shots it seems to need. Near the end it’s probably impossible to beat?

If there’s ever another update, could you guys fix the spider spinner so it doesn’t catch the ball? It would seem this is a bug? Sometimes it doesn’t catch the ball which appears like normal behavior

On my game, it pretends to take a picture for high score, but if I played selfi mode then it uses one of those images. Was this intentional?

This is how they all work. If it has a good picture of you from Selfie Mode, it uses that. I’ve jumped in to steal the final photo from a player who has walked away, only to have it use their pic from selfie mode.

It’s possible I’ve seen it actually use the final photo if it didn’t have a good one from earlier (like maybe if couldn’t find your face), but I could be imagining things.

Emoji definitely gets harder the longer it takes and does at one point become unlikely to be winnable. Typically its around 3-4 shots required but it is possible for it to happen with less if you do it very fast.

In regards to the spider spinner. What you are currently seeing is at the time the spider is “in focus” in the theater there is something else running in the theater as well (captive ball, drops, mystery package etc) and the default magnet behavior for spinner is being stomped on by something else that is “running”. If nothing else is running at the time the ball will go thru the spinner and not be caught.

@PinballKatz Emoji can be beat in 2 shots if you do left ramp and then the scoop. I’ve done it a few times. I also beat it yesterday with the ball bouncing around in the pops. I’m not sure I have tried to see if Big Bang will complete it…

I thought that spider spinner had something in the background causing the catch, but sometimes I’m not so sure. I may have even tested it and found out it wasn’t always the case, but I can’t remember. I just thought it would be nice when the spinner was showing, it was always a pass through shot so you knew what the behavior was going to be.

I also hoped the Theater shots scored a bit better too. The shots are quite fun to make, but the immediate reward of 500 points is a bit lackluster. There’s reward later in QTMB accoring to the rulesheet, building up the jackpots right?

I’m really having a lot of fun with the game and I think you guys did an excellent job with it! Just sharing a bit of feedback, even though I’m late to the game. I hope that’s ok… Thanks!



The main points from theater shots come from bonus. It can be fairly substantial if not ignored and especially utilizing “holds”. It also does come into play for QTMB as well.

I’m slowly finding out the more I play this game, there’s some really clever nuances in the code. I also like the TZ references with the rocketship and gumball machine. Are there any others? Only one time I thought I saw what looked like a wizard hat on the Theater screen?

I realized the other day I can keep shooting the left ramp for 10k+ awards on the right inlane hurry up, which I really like doing (my best so far is up to 16k). There could be a high score for this perhaps? :slight_smile: The hurry up on the left inlane though, is just a one time shot for around 10k?

I hope my phone parts come in tomorrow or tuesday. (fingers crossed). And I hope the internal vga connector is with the order…

Really an enjoyable game, has really exceeded my expectations big time!


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I’d still rather have it take the picture at high score entry. Sometimes the one it uses from selfie mode isn’t the best. Maybe I need a haircut… lol



I know it’s really late and you guys are on to different projects, but if you ever release another update for DI, I would like to ask for your consideration:

  • Kickback starts a 5 second ball timer. Nothing worse than losing a ball in multiball because the kickback failed to do its job. While there are settings which affect ball save in single ball play, I’m not sure these work in multiball. I have adjusted the kickback to work better, but it still fails the odd time.

  • Allow the game to always take a picture (as the setting is set for) for high score entry and not re-use what it has already taken. Sometimes it re-uses a picture that’s not the greatest

  • Allow hurry up and super jackpots to have display priority on the theater screen over mini modes.

  • A difficulty setting for the 10K+ left ramp hurry up. Maybe Betty is moving her arm while it’s active? Unless I am missing something, it’s a far more lucrative hurry up than the left inlane hurry up.

  • Is there a reward for betty diverting the ball and bouncing it into the rocket kicker?


Is there anything that affects the starting value of the UAMB jackpots? I checked the rulesheet and don’t see anything there about this specifically.


The number of sim cards and the current number of super jackpots collected effect the value of the jackpot base.

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Since I did a software update my phone seems like it’s not showing everything correctly… is there a way to adjust this?


Anyone else notice this ? Or is something wrong with my game?

(I had edited this post to add that armegeddon seems to lock the game up but I found out it was just my bad trough switch)