Dialed In - reserve ball play?

Hey @keefer, curious what “reserve ball play” means. Care to describe? Thanks!

Basically it means we treat balls and extra balls as video game “lives.” A big problem people have is when you get a bunch of extra balls at once, people are waiting forever to play again. We solve that by making people keep taking turns (like you would in a classic video game) as long as they still have balls to play. This means basically that all extra balls are backloaded and played after everyone else is done. Or if everyone in a multiplayer game gets a couple of extras, they’re still all taking turns.

Makes it more social, and a lot less waiting for worse players in general.


Killer idea!

I love this idea so much. It also allows you to take your score at the end of your 3rd ball for things like league night when we plunge off extra balls and then you can play them out. Less confusion about whose turn it is next when someone gets an extra ball without noticing too.

Dialed In has me hyped out of my mind. Someone calm me down.


Oz and Hobbit support it, too, FYI. At least in beta, currently.

this idea isn’t new, it already exists - on Gilligans Island! but I always thought it’s the better solution for multiplayer-games


Yup, I freely admit I got the idea from GI. However, it was the only game that ever attempted something like this, and it never took off (possibly because GI sucks). I’ve wanted to try this for a long time, and feel like it’s been a pretty successful experiment. If DI doesn’t, game #4 will definitely ship this as the default style of play.


another thing they did in GI - it kept counting the balls, so you never lost track how many EBs you earned through the whole game

Not sure if I like this. I’m old, so change is a bad thing to me. d;^)

Keith, if it’s not a trade secret, can you talk about how you flutter the flippers? 1ms on, 1ms off? Only played a few games and it didn’t affect me, but it is an eye catching trick.

Initial impressions are good. Look forward to playing more soon.

@keefer Have you guys done any kind of stealthy observation studies of how people in the wild react when they encounter reserve ball games? I really like the concept, but I’m afraid our location players will be confused if only 1-2 games out of 10 behave like this.

(No, we don’t have a JJP-only line-up :slight_smile: )