Dialed In as a tourney machine

I really like Dialed in, I wish it was priced the same as a Stern Iron Maiden Pro because I’d probably buy one NIB. But that’s beside the point; with the current code, how is it as a tourney game?

It’s a fine tournament game. The new code seems to open it up a little. In a high level tournament I’d suggest openning the right outlane and turning the first lock from trapdoor off. You could also change the kickback to off at game start as well.

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What are some good tournament strategies? We have one in league, and due to the larger variance in skill levels, the game basically devolves into “start a mode, collect big bang, probably win.” Are there any deeper ways to play when all players are skilled?

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Start and complete modes. Go for the Sim Card.

Any adjustments when the simcard shot is difficult? Ours has a weak upper flipper, making the theatre->ramp or theatre->simcard combo really hard. Come to think of it, that’s probably why people are going after big bangs in modes so much, because the weakness of the flipper means you miss low, and hit the big bang targets a lot.

IMHO trying to finish disaster modes is good points. Get Big Bangs is good strategy to finish modes and lit jackpots in Multiballs. SIM cards are hard regardless of flipper strength.

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Given the difficulty of the shot, I like to turn on the setting that allows lit SIM Cards to carry over between balls. Won’t make the games last any longer but gives players a little more wiggle room to set themselves up for bigger scores if they are completing modes. (e.g. with that setting on, I like to try to get 3 SIM cards lit before the first MB and then play it as a utility MB where all I do is take those riskier shots at the lit cards since the JP value is pretty negligible compared to collecting SIMs)