Defeat Celebrations

Gene has a picture of me from Cal Extreme trying and failing to win on AC/DC, then falling backwards on the ground in sadness and defeat. I love that picture.


That was Phil Birnbaum at Pinburgh, and it was barely a tap to the glass. It was unfortunate, since I can’t think of anyone less likely to break a glass than Phil.

It was clearly an accident, and Phil wasn’t punished in any regard (even though he asked to be kicked out of the tournament). Unfortunately, the game was cooked (Checkpoint … so, no big loss) and had to be restarted completely since it couldn’t be completed. Another player in Phil’s group was really upset about it, since he was likely to win that Checkpoint game, but that was the right call by the rules.


@keefer did this on an Addams in qualifying at PAPA once as well. Head to the glass and it broke but didn’t shatter - it was plate.

Man the legend just grows and grows.

It was a frustration punch, but a very light one to the lower right corner of the game. It was on game 5 of a decent run and just needed anything on TAF, and had 25M after 2 balls and a nasty drain. I guarantee you no one would’ve had a clue I hit the game if it hadn’t been plate glass in there.

I also guarantee you if I hit it with any kind of force like I’ve been known to do in the past, I’d’ve been in the hospital (or worse). Not unlike that proto plate glass Lyman broke on RFM at the bottom of the stairs.

I think the only time I’ve hit a glass recently was on a game of Cheetah at pinburgh a couple years ago, and Bowen gave me a warning for it. Even that one wasn’t that hard, though again it was certainly harder than the TAF one.

Maybe I just need to give a clinic and show everyone what I did, and you can be the judge if it was that bad or not. NFW I expected glass to break, obviously.


I heard you rage slam tilted Dracula at league this one time … :smile:

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I just recently bought a 16mm camera, and have been thinking about fun short films to make. Maybe an “educational” short about acceptable and unacceptable displays of frustration? Brought to you by the American Pinball Association of America.

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I think it was Henry. He came to Papa4(?) with us in Vegas. Pretty weird weekend…

you mean this? (looks like you might have to click on the image to see the animatedGIF version)


I usually turn around and hug someone…

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That’s called The Sniper.

Ah right, I was saving an outlane on the left, made a good save but just a little too strong, and it went out, in, and out again. Argh!

That other player who was upset was Eddie, who runs the DRAPL pinball league up here. He was well ahead on Checkpoint at the time. The make up game was Funhouse and it turned out 2 of the other players own it, Eddie had no idea how to play that game and he lost. Phil was lucky considering it was a plate glass he broke with his forehead. Eddie and I drove down together…I had to hear the story a few times on the way home :smile:

I found the one I was talking about. If the time stamp doesn’t work it’s around 2:23:15.

Totally forgot about this, but I was playing CFTBL in the A bank this year and drained (i think with a lit jp or super) and turned around and the first thing I saw was Daniele so I started rubbing his head. A few people saw it, but other than maybe @jdelz I don’t remember who else…Sorry Daniele :frowning:

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There is a guy near me (who will remain unnamed) that apparently broke his arm after hitting lockdown bar while “celebrating”!

That was pretty awkward, but he seemed to be a good sport about it. If someone I didn’t know did that to me, my immediate reaction would be to shove them away.

I think it’s one (or maybe both) of the Sharpe brothers are notorious for grabbing the machine next to them when they wanna’ shake the hell out of the pin but don’t want to lose the bonus and tilt at the last second.

I usually do either the “noooooo” yell or I turn away from the machine and pace in a circle. Sometimes I’ll smack the lock bar but rarely hit the glass. If it’s really bad I may do a combination of the three.

grit my teeth, flip the machine off. your basic reserved grown-up temper tantrum.

Love doing that but can’t take credit for it.

We call that the “Hegge” here in Chicago :slight_smile:


I usually just point at the machine angrily and say to myself “It’s all your fault, Avengers. Stupid POS”.