Defeat Celebrations


Draining out the left outlane on Metallica I always shout “I hate you, Avatar!”


Re: MET left outlane drains, Avatar, others… " you, Borg!"
Or, “I got Borg’ed!”


My favorite of recent years was at NW Champs where I first met Jen Peavler.
I think it was on Congo during qualifying. She lost a ball and proceeded to lock her elbows into her knees and do what I can only describe as a ‘frustration squat head stand.’ I’d never seen anything like it before or since.


I want to watch this every day.


Is that Germaine in the first photo?
These are seriously incredible. Please take more!


yeah that was Germaine at INDISC :slight_smile: I’m trying to shoot more of these actually - luckily everyone drains :smile:


Hi All,

Been lurking and reading this forum for a couple of weeks without much to contribute. I’m really enjoying it and like a lot of the tournament discussion and the general tone of the forum.

Having seen Gene’s excellent pictures of these defeat celebrations provided me with a small way in, and got me to join up and say something. (Gene I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work on this front. it’s a fun area - and some of you A level players that we have seen playing on the tournament coverage are charismatic and I’d love to see some more good stills at the moment of doom).

I’m a photographer too, and loving pinball, find myself decidedly attracted to these “defeat celebrations” and peoples’ drain faces.

So here are a few illustrating some of our manoeuvres here in Australia when the drain finally catches up with you.



Actually, alas I cant, having gone through something of an intro blurb I just discovered new users cant upload pics, feeling a little silly now, and I don`t really want to supply a link to my website as that is going to look a lot like spam.


I just upgraded your trust level so you should have no problem uploading those photos now :smiley:


That was nice of you, and fast! Thanks. Let me know if I am in breach of any photo dump rules, or of sizing issues.


Ha, these are awesome


thanks Bowen, so is your game knowledge and flipper skills :wink:


nice! Love these - a feeling everyone is familiar with :smile:


I forgot one of my better defeats was captured on camera. The video is here:

As an aside to @bkerins and @PressStart, the flub at the end of Light Cycle that leads to me starting SOS is a common (what I would consider to be a) bug where for whatever reason the kickout decides it can’t make a flash and/or a kickout noise and just ejects the ball with NO WARNING at all. You can see me react kind of like “wtf was that” after it happens because there is no reason to expect that ball to be leaving when it does. So irritating reliving that moment. There is NO WAY I would’ve intentionally drained that ball.

And now…


that was brutal.


I was just excited to get to the DMD in time to cover it up and add to the drama :smile:


The classic Donkey/Mule Kick. Always surprising when seeing that one.


I believe the proper nomenclature is “Coffin Drop.”


I can sympathize with you on this Keefer.


These are fantastic too! Thanks for sharing!


At CAX last year in the B division finals I was playing my ball 3 on White Water. The ball was coming down Insanity Falls (I just needed to hit the lock to start multiball), and it was a VERY close game. The ball flew out of the ramp and over the flippers, I never got a shot at it. I sat there stunned. It would have won me the game and given me enough clearance to take first for the tournament if I could have just got another flip off. When I turned around, about 10 people were standing there with their hands on their heads, all in shock. I wish I had a picture of that. I just had to laugh, because pinball can be brutal in its randomness.