Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge

Yeah, that’s a spicy EB potential value given typical Comet scoring! Just noting in this thread what @keefer mentioned in the Comet-specific thread: EB is lit by completing the two side target banks twice each (adjustable whether this is across the game, or resets between balls).

EB lights on the corkscrew ramp after multiple consecutive shots to the comet ramp too (but obviously doesn’t have the 2-for-1 potential)

Worth bumping my favorite little detail from Stern Jurassic Park - you can start T-Rex Multiball with Raptor or Chaos Multiball by ricocheting the final truck shot to spell TREX into the Amber target when Chaos Multiball is lit, or by choosing Raptor Multiball off the Smart Missile then choosing it.

Found an odd detail on Avengers Infinity Quest. If you have the Mind Gem on Captain Marvel, and press the button to spot a shot that will start the Binary hurryup… it also COLLECTS the Binary hurryup!

(I totally see how this happened in the code, even if it wasn’t intentional. The button first awards the ramp count-up, then looks to see if anything else is lit to award - which includes the hurryup that was just started.)


cant you do that with Mummy and Trooper MB on Iron Maiden as well?

Yup, ricochet off the captive ball when Mummy Multiball is lit into the third lock, and Trooper Multiball will begin with 4 balls instead of 3. No stacking multiballs like in Jurassic Park though.

Two more for AIQ:

The Soul Gem Jackpot is based on your last successful quest. This matters when you collect a gem without a quest, from Thanos Attacks or Hawkeye Challenge. I won Mind Gem with a big value (98M), played and lost Reality Gem, then recovered Reality from Thanos Attacks, for which the Collect Gem shot lit the Soul Gem Jackpot, which was a percentage of that 98M from the Mind Gem.

There’s a shortcut to opening the portal (on Premium at least.) If you have two balls portal-locked, then light a third portal lock, the disc opens to start the quest. It has to happen in exactly that order - it doesn’t work if you had the second portal lock lit but not yet locked, when you lit the third. It has to be two balls in the lock (virtually is OK if the game had to push one out for some reason) and then light the next portal lock. You don’t lose that portal lock, it carries over after the quest to the next one.

I can see how this happened in the code: lighting a portal lock sets the disc to open, but if two balls are already locked, it can’t accept another lock, so the only other thing for the open disc to do is allow starting the quest. I’ve been taking advantage of this intentionally - it’s less risky to shoot combos for the next portal lock, than to aim at the disc to spin it.

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Had the game of my life on TSPP and noticed two things -

Starting alien invasion appears to automatically complete any comic book guy hurry ups you have running… perfect if you can’t get that left ramp in time

I had all requirements for wizard mode except mystery spot super - during the grace period I took one last shot at the garage and BOOM straight to wizard mode! It even trumped the super jackpot animation and Frink callout haha


Cirqus Voltaire - if you lit “spot marvel” via the Menagerie or a random side show award, you can actually time the ramp shot so that the flashing marvel is one you want. I just did this to guarantee Destroy All Ringmasters off the award.


Can confirm this is the case for Alien Invasion, it also awards 10x the current victory lap value if any TV modes are running when you start it.

Cyclone - start double scoring by completing 1-2-3 and drain to score double bonus! Maximum bonus that can be obtained from doing this is over 1 million points, which isn’t small on this game.


Also works on Tron


On Baby Pac-Man, tilting the machine while dying in the maze (not during pinball) will carry the tilt through to your next ball/life in single player games.

And yes, you can tilt while not playing pinball.

That’s some heavy/intense pacman play!

I’ve had a few games that went sour so I decided to see what was going on. The video maze tilt freezes play and immediately plays Pac-Man’s death animation. Plus there’s a nice red “TILT” over the center of the screen.

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Grand Lizard officially scores the mystery after the score is fully displayed on the screen. This means you can shoot a lit ramp, start Multiball before the animation finishes, and collect your mystery with the multiplier from the Multiball.


Dr Dude:

I found a Bag of Tricks award not listed on the pinball rulesheet that made me say “WTF” and laugh at the same time last night during a tourney game. Hit the mystery scoop to be awarded “High Score #3 has been erased” I dont remember the exact text on the displays. It could have been “#4” score and / or “has been taken down”


… Oh my god this is the first I’ve heard about this! Must be very rare.

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I had a Dr. Dude that gave away this award regulary.

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It’s High Score #4 and occurs in multiplayer. Then the winner of the game gets Score #4 and encourages the others to keep pumping in coins