Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge

I got this award during Pinburgh playoffs one year. Sure would have preferred the lit million shot instead!


I don’t check tilt forums often but whenever I do there’s a backlog of awesome reading on this thread to look forward to. Still going years later. Thanks all!


Not “deep” but always worth considering - on Rush, if you land a ball behind the upper right flipper, you get another skill shot chance. This means you can activate ball save during multiball and you can use it to manually send balls to the upper flipper.


There’s definitely the opportunity for an “infinite ball save exploit” if you’re consistent enough with hitting the under flipper shot (and the scoop always gives ball save on kickout too).

But you seem to be saying that if you preempt the autoplunge with a short plunge, you can get skill shots during multiball? I’ve not noticed that but maybe i haven’t tried to hard to short plunge during multiball