Deep cuts of semi-useful pinball knowledge

First MB only on default settings.

not only does it stay active during the multiball (whereas all other modes pause), but if i recall correctly, it never times out either. the mode will continue to run as long as your multiball is still going. that’s why you can rack up silly points by combining the two.


Beatles: during All My Lovin MB, if you’ve lit the jackpot, and you drain a ball during ball-save, you can manually plunge the saved ball, and it will collect your jackpot at the top magnet. But if you aren’t quick enough, and let the ball auto-launch, it will not collect the jackpot.


Mousin’ Around:

It’s well known that if you make the right ramp or left ramp twice and then shoot the far right target, you get 15 seconds of double scoring. The most common application of this is using it on the Million spell-out to award 2 million instead of 1 million. But did you know that you can also use double scoring to double the Multiball Jackpot value?

If you shoot the right trap (ONLY the right trap) first during Multiball, it will lower and allow you to make the target behind it. Shoot the right ramp (or left ramp!) twice while the left trap is still raised and then make the target to start double scoring. Then, shoot the left trap, and make the right ramp again to collect your double Jackpot for up to 10 million points!

If anything is done out of sequence you’ll miss the chance to score your double Jackpot. Double scoring can’t be started when the Jackpot is lit because it’s scored at the right ramp; however, if you’re able to shoot the left ramp twice, it can be done. Good luck…

It’s a fairly specific sequence to master but once you have it down, you can easily score tons of points during Multiball. Just remember to max out your Jackpot value by completing CHEESE enough times.


iirc, isn’t it two ramps in a row, then target for 2x? (not 1 ramp)

Deep cut here is that you can actually shoot the left ramp twice in a row (in or out of multiball) then the target to start 2X.


Added, thank you!

Correct. And for clarity, I’m pretty sure you can’t shoot one of each ramp for your two ramps in a row. In other words, you can’t combo L ramp into R ramp to light the dead-end for 2x scoring, correct?

This is correct. Either left ramp twice or right ramp twice. No combos here.

“This is correct. Either left ramp twice or right ramp twice. No combos here.”

Someone able to confirm this?
I sold my mousin, but, iirc, you can do this.

Yes, it can be any combo of two ramps (edit: left or right, not center!)


On South Park, before you plunge the ball, you can use the flippers to change the target that’s lit for the skill shot before making it.

Raise your hand if you never knew you could do this, I discovered it on accident. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not sure if it works in competition mode but if you just scroll through all the screens in the status for Wonka it awards you anywhere from 100 to 10000 points.


Apparently in Munsters if you trap up during a mode and try to time it out, the timer stops after like 6 seconds. Apparently if you cycle through the whole instant info screens, when back to the main screen, the mode timer will run again for another 6 seconds. I haven’t had time to test this myself.


Ah, is that one of the gumball achievements?

Not sure

I used this to help me win a game on Diner at INDISC, and when I watched the stream archive of the game, the commentators didn’t know this deep cut of the very useful knowledge: completing EAT top lanes lights each of your ramps to serve Food (each ramp then spots one complete drop target bank – to help you on your way to Dine Time).


See, to me that’s kind of amusing since anyone should notice FOOD lights upon EAT completions within a few games. Guess I assume anyone with any time on Diner knows this. I’d consider looping the left ramp to add Dine Time millions to be deeper, heh. Maybe even the (up-to-1.5M) Grill Bonus for completing drops?

Deepest cut on Diner is probably the 1M drops complete bonus during Dine Time lit, but I can’t ever think of a reason why you should be going for this over shooting for Dine Time. Cool sound, though.

Yes it does, anyone can do this.

Yes, it is. Possible to get a Golden Ticket from it as well. Your best bet, though, is to wait until you have a playfield x going before collecting your status report gumball.


Rollergames has a similar feature where you can complete SKATE and WAR during Sudden Death for 1 Million.

When you could simply go for the Wall for 1 Million, though… what’s the point?

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Pretty sure SKATE WAR is 2M, AND ends the mode. But since you can get the mode-ending 2M bonus for like 6 ramps as well, yeah what’s the point.

I think a case can be made for SKATE WAR when you have a target or two left, though.


Huge (to me) if true! I must remember to test this next week at league. Dang I wish this was posted 12h earlier haha

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