Dealing with forfeits

Last night in our semi-finals (3 games, 4,2,1,0) one group was 6,6,1,1 after 2. The 1s declared that they forfeit the last match since they cannot advance, each for their own reasons. I was using matchplay, so I needed enter something to advance the tournament. I gave chose to put in an arbitrary finishing order. In reality, the 6s didn’t play either, since we didn’t see the point. So maybe they also forfeited.

Now I am trying to decide how to order the finishing. I think I will give them each a final score of 1 (getting a zero in the final game). It impacts if there is a 3 way tie for 6-8 or if one of them gets a point for having the other forfeit first.


In Matchplay can you disqualify two players in the same match? That’s how I would do it. I would award them based on total finishing points, so tied and its semis so no need for tiebreak.

Use the general rule…

“Forfeits or disqualified players gets the score that stands for the remainder of their tournament games. Meaning 0 points for games not started yet.”

This will take care of all scenarios. Including tournament departure during an ongoing game. And rules of play order, finish position etc.

I wouldn’t sweat it. By forfeiting, the 1’s forfeited their right to care about how they got ordered on that last game. Not worth your effort to split hairs over it. My two cents.


This is the point, I don’t know how to deal with 2 forfeits. Sure they both get a Zero as the score on the game. 1 ball tiebreak, they both forfeit. So they tie, which is not an option.

I don’t know the tournament, but our league has ties for finals. Ties are fine in IFPA standings. is it that you don’t explicitly want to issue a tie for any position in your event?

Basically what Colin said. Flip a coin if you really need to put one ahead of the other.

Last year at states I went out in the first round. I chose not to play out the consolation match, so did the person I was supposed to play. TD flipped a coin and I got the honor of 16th place.


Tie is ok for the event, not ok for a match. I think this has come up in the double DQ context before. Closest I could find was this.

I guess that’s what I’m saying (along with @jdelz): don’t put it in as a tie. Flip a coin, and give one player third place, and the other 4th place. Keep it simple and quick.

Those two players didn’t care whether they finished 3rd or 4th in that last game that didn’t affect advancement to finals. Neither should you.


Yeah, I agree with both of you. I am trying to clarify the “letter of the law” half as well. :slight_smile:

The go by scores-mind set should always work. As the play book should have rules for equal scores. And if this ties a match, whether this goes back to most 1st’s, then most 2nd’s,… and ultimately coin flip or seed into the tournament. Or how ever it is settled.

Result of the last game played by the tied players could also work as a tiebreaker in this situation.

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