Deadpool Rulesheet


I can definitely confirm you need to deal more damage the 2nd+ time around, and probably confirm that the points are doubled. I’m not sure if the shot lighting rules become harder.


The first time you light chimichangas, four holes are pre-punched and you only need to collect four to finish the card.


Anyone seen this on the new code? A player at league just shot the battle start and pressed the boom button to choose and had it tilt his ball.


Makes sense, it works like that in Game of Thrones :wink:


Anyone get Infinite Balls yet?


I think you need to get the Space Taco first. :wink:


If you are serious, I’m going glass off to find all these…


Played a couple of games on 0.85 and had the game reset. Completed both quests and all three battles, played Sauron and drained out but display still said “Deadpool Wins”
Shot into scoop for next battle start and game froze on battle display screen and then reset. Has happened twice.


On the Deadpool on location since updating we are seeing a lot of instances of a third ball being released from the sword during Lil Deadpool. This started after updating. My first reaction would be to suspect the ramp opto. However there was nothing obviously problematic when we tested it.

Anyone have similar experience? Any chance it is software?


Anecdotally I think I’ve seen this once only at one of the 3-4 DPs on location and the software knew there was an extra ball IIRC… but didn’t seem consistent though locking balls can be hard in general :joy:


We updated our Deadpool pro to the latest code and we have random lights going on all throughout the play field. It could be a bad node board but it just started happening with the new code. Anyone else have this issue yet?


Does the GI strobe when you first turn the game on? I have this issue - it is a short in the lower playfield GI - I think it is connector 15 or 16 on Node Board 8. I unplugged that connector and it is working fine for now, just no GI from the slingshots down. Trying to locate the short but that stopped the random lights/strobing issue.


Added strategies and other extras.


Recently I was in megalodon and had a pretty good run of it. Hit a red boom button at the start then made a few more shots to light the colossal jackpot at the bumper. After a number of missed shots, I used another boom. I didn’t see my score jump up significantly but the jackpot was no longer lit. Neither was anything else. I stayed in megalodon for maybe three minutes with no shots lit until I drained. Please tell me I’m missing something here.


Played the new code tonight. Two strange things happened.

  1. I lit the new center spinner mode (Berserker Rage) but didn’t start it. Sauron and Mechsuit MB were both ready so I hit the scoop. It started Sauron. After that, I played Mechsuit. After that, Berserker Rage looked as though it was still lit, but hitting the center spinner wouldn’t start it, and it remained that way for the rest of the game (though several balls)

  2. I got into a state (after completing all three level 1 modes and both quests) where the Team-Up progress bars didn’t seem to advance any more. Three of the four had full progress bars, but only one of the four was actually lit for the Team Up. Hitting the full bar shots didn’t seem to do anything, and since the bars were full, there was no indication that I was making any progress.

Love how valuable the weapons are (in bonus), and that there is a MB available through collecting them.


I also had an issue on the new code yesterday… playing Megalodon, hit the boom button while lit red for a super boom or whatever and the all the inserts for Megalodon went dark. I was clearly still in the mode based on the display but with nothing scoring and I was unable to make further progress or complete it and I tried just about everything, multiple times. I eventually drained and all went back to normal.


In early versions of the code, there was a way to get stuck in Megalodon with nothing lit, but it had been addressed in a more recent update. Sounds like something broke again, or maybe there are edge cases with super boom wiping out everything and the game doesn’t know it needs to relight shots? I guess I still don’t totally understand how this mode works.


I was playing several deep game earlier on location but I never got an EB lit? I am not sure if they weren’t just turned off but how are they lit usually?


On 0.95+, completing both quest modes will light an EB. On 0.96+, collecting 75 weapons will also light it.


Anyone know if it’s possible to start Berserker’s Rage on 0.96?

It seems like two clean center shots will light something on the center shot, but I can never collect. All lights on the center flash just in a manner similar to Dazzler or MechSuit until the end of the game. The 0.96->0.97 changelog doesn’t mention a fix here, so I’m wondering if it’s a bug, or if I just can’t figure out how to start BR