Deadpool - missing adjustment for lil dp mb ball save?

Hi! We have a tournament and need to reduce ball saves.
Lil deadpool multiball ball save is very long, but the technician said he could not find a setting for reducing the ball save timer.

Anyone know what adjustment this is, or if it was forgotten to be put in as adjudtment?


That wouldn’t surprise me… Quill’s quest has the same problem

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this is really surprising, since I’m positive the other ldp modes have adjustable ball saves. there was even a conversation somewhere on here about having to increase the timer on ldp frenzy and spot, as out of the box with an old firmware, the ball save would expire before the drops released the ball

You are correct: I found no LDPMB ball-save time adjustment when I used it for Bat City Open at end of June. Open the outlanes, tight but reasonable tilt, and increase sling sensitivity and you should be fine.