DE Time Machine Double Scoring

One of the awards from the top rollover lanes is “Double Scoring”. I assumed this applied to everything, but someone I know (and trust) who owns this game claims that certain shots (like a million point Starwarp shot, as well as jackpots) cannot be doubled.

Can anyone confirm?

@flynnibus: I noticed your name on the Pinsider owners list.

I just recently added the game… have only played like 3 games :slight_smile: I wasn’t even sure how those lit awards are collected. Is it finishing the rollovers collects the lit value? I can play around and check your question…

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Haha…well, get to it! :slight_smile:

Completing the rollovers collects the lit value. I believe the lit value is determined randomly at the start of the ball. I think after you collect it, it moves to a different value.

Double Scoring is 20 seconds long…I’m primarily interested in seeing if you can double the million point Starwarp shot, which lights once you’ve spelled out S-T-A-R-W-A-R-P (each ramp shot spots a letter). But I’d also be interested in other things that can or can’t be doubled.

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Starwarp isn’t affected by double scoring. This game is a snooze unless it’s set up really hard.

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Regardless of double scoring, the Million point shot is always worth 1 million.

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