Customized Metallica Machine Stolen in La Verne, CA

A resident of La Verne, California, has had his Metallica machine stolen during a burglary. The burglar put it for sale on OfferUp, and through that, the police have identified and arrested the burglar. However, they’re currently unable to find the pinball machine itself.

Details can be seen in this CBS Los Angeles article. The serial number is 259339, and the coin door, playfield edges (I’m not sure what it means), and legs were modified. La Verne Police Detective J. Alvarado needs more information and can be reached at 909-596-1913.

This is not my machine, but I figure it’s worth putting a heads-up here that it happened. At the very least, if you find a Metallica machine for sale, be sure to get its serial number in the event it was stolen.

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Lock bar and side rails (along with everything else listed) were likely powder coated.

I have this game and will be calling the La Verne police department very soon. Maybe another two of three weeks. Could be longer.


They have time in an Burglary to take pinball machines??

The bulletin says the burglary took place sometime between August and November 2020. Sounds like it was in a location that wasn’t being closely monitored.

Waiting to get EOTL, huh? :wink:

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