Current and Historical Qualifying database


PinWars added! And hopefully Free Play soon enough once that’s public.


Free play added


INDISC added


Went to update this, glad to see it’s already happened :slight_smile:


it just show how much we owe to @kdeangelo magic :slightly_smiling:


And just like magic many will be disappearing soon! sigh


nooooo archiving stuff out? You couldn’t use what I hooked you up with?


so they have disappeared :frowning: what happened @kdeangelo??


Too many tournaments, not enough databases. I have 50 in use now out of my 50 available! Once I have 2.0 ready (oh the pipe dream that is v2.0) I’ll be re-adding all the archived tournaments.


Azure is your friend… :slight_smile:


Thanks again @hisokajp but I need to get this done or I’m certain I’ll go insane fairly soon.


Resurrecting this very old thread because I’d like to view the 2018 Magfest scores… but it looks like all of the Magfest standings come up with a 404 error. Are they available anywhere else?


I’ve put them, very temporarily, back online. They’ll be up until I setup the MagFest 2019 instance.