Cure for tired flippers?

I’ve been testing these fans on my stranger things’s flippers and they worked wonders for a game that is very temperamental to flippers fading after long games and making it much harder to make the demo mouth and magnet lock.

These 100% fixed that issue.

Got me thinking. These would be perfect for pump and dump tournaments to help solve the issue of game getting tired after long periods of play, no doubt due to flipper coils getting too hot.

I think these will be in production and ready to purchase in a few weeks. Contact Vireland on pinside if you’re interested in trying a set.



I’ve been using fans on some games for a long time; they were on the AFM I took to Expo in early 00s. They definitely help keep flippers consistent. Glad to see someone making kits to simplify the installation, some of mine are pretty ugly but effective.

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Updated final bracket so the fan blades aren’t exposed on the back.


We used to use these on some LOTR 's - They are a perfect fit for Flipper coils.

They are heat sinks for RC car motors.


They have the bonus of heat sink + fan, and they mount right on the coil. no drilling needed.


Whoa that does look perfect. Crazy they so happen to wrap right around a coil. The ones I posted attach to the flipper bracket so no extra holes either. Just FYI. So I guess between the two it would be a price thing.

Ahh gotcha on the mounting, thats pretty slick.

Totally - I’m sure each solution would have its pros and con’s. With the rc heat sink you want to use a non-conductive thermal pad to protect the coil windings from the heat sink its self.

Very nice! Got an STL?

What is a STL?

3D CAD file.

Thanks. No I didn’t make these. Vireland on pinside makes them. If interested in a set, I would contact him.

Oh my bad I thought you made them!

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Haha. I’m a numbers guy. I don’t make stuff. Thought these would be good for TDs that run tournaments that are lasting all weekend and games getting tired over lots and lots of plays. Might eliminate the need to getting in line early to play the games when they are still “fresh” haha.

100% it’s a great idea. Taxi and Godzilla would be good candidates for these. Where do you plug the fans in to get power?


I have only done these for a spike 2 game and they plug in at CN11 (top left) of the cabinet board next to the coin door. They are 12v too. So for older games you would have to tap in somewhere or simply have a power supply plugged into the service plug.


Here’s what the install instructions look like for spike games.