Critical Hit tourney for WPPRS

Can a critical Hit tournament award WPPRs? Doesn’t seem like it with all the wacky things that go on.

Yes! I send all my crazy card ideas to Josh for approval as I wanted to make certain tournaments were still eligible.

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Wacky formats are eligible as long as they don’t dictate how you actually play the game. So no frosted glass, one handed, Hulk gloves, hanging upside down (BSD side tournament), etc.


You should throw in the cards that @PressStart and I threw out as a “limited edition” deck . . . some of them were crazy awesome :slight_smile:

Non-WPPR expansion pack is on my list for next year :slight_smile:


Now that is a fun side tourney idea! :slight_smile:

We did a party contest once using boxing gloves. It’s fun, and people can punch the game with limited effect :slight_smile:


We did one where you had to play GTB hulk with oven mits and only use the thumbs. Haha

Mandi Martin style!

One of the Belles PDX Pinball Olympics challenges was to wear bear-paw-themed oven mitts and play Frontier.


That’s like dressing as a jetskier to play fishtales!

These tournaments are fun, but they should not be for WPPRs, especially if we want to be taken seriously as a sport (e-sport?).

Imagine if a soccer team could play a card that gave them an extra player in the world cup finals, or a baseball team got one extra swing at bat for one inning, or whatever. Those kinds of Mickey Mouse rules would be laughable in any other serious sport (or e-sport) events and we should not muddy the water by using them in serious (IFPA sanctioned) events.


I think it’s a little premature to compare the IFPA to FIFA or the MLB. Need at least a few more scandals before we get there. Here’s to the great upcoming $1 scandal of 2018 and maybe that’s a step towards getting closer!


Imagine if a professional sport gave each team a magic handkerchief, that once per game they could throw on the field, allowing them to rewind time and force the officials to ask the oracle in a tower if the call they just made was correct. Crazy fantasy stuff.