Credit dot on my WCS

I recently got an updated rom chip for my WCS. It has been playing great. I just stuck it on location yesterday and now it has a credit dot saying checksum U6. Should I just replace the chip and see if it goes away? I can likely get my friend to burn it again. Let me know what you think. Thanks.

You could try reseating the chip, but yeah, you likely need a new one. WPC diags are pretty good about narrowing it down to a specific chip and a checksum is pretty basic.

If it’s playing fine otherwise and getting no other errors, tell your buddy to take his time.

I’ve had this issue on the same system games (WPC-S). Try re-seating the chip, and press down on any chips on the CPU board that are socketed as well - particularly the ASIC.

I was there just now and the credit dot is gone. Not sure if it being powered off for the night had anything to do with it but I will try reseating and pressing on the socketed chips as well. I will order another one just incase.