Crazy airball on TSPP

Yesterday I was playing a match in a local tourney on TSPP, and had one of the craziest airballs I’ve ever seen. There were two balls in the couch lock, and when I shot the third up there to start multiball, it must have hit the others at some weird angle, because it sailed airborne all the way over the pops and straight into the left outlane. I was player 1 on ball 3 and only up by about 5M. I may have screamed something foul. I still won, but it was definitely one of those crazy “The Ball Is Wild” moments.

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Pics or it didn’t happen! That is impressive. I still get the airball off the monorail ramp into the right outlane about 5% of the time, and I don’t want to fix it: if I lose the ball off the upper playfield, I deserve to drain…

Disagree… besides not being how the game is designed, that makes finishing Monorail mode super annoying…


Finish Monorail the way it was intended to be finished: during multiball :wink:

I get the monorail-to-right outlane drain occasionally too, usually right after the playfield gets a good cleaning.

It’s to the point that I can usually foresee when it’s going to happen, as soon as the ball starts its way down. Once I was able to shake it off early to avoid disaster.

I get the off the monorail to the right outlane too. I have a player that complains about it at events. It’s so random and I told him that just pinball :wink: